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Help DM! Can't update my avatar


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Hey DM-

Every time I try to update my avatar, it keeps sticking me with my old one. What I'm doing is removing the OLD avatar and then uploading a new one. But it keeps reverting back to the old one.

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Rowdy just pointed out to me that once you upload the image you have to hit refresh. For some reason it is showing your old avatar with the current images dimensions. It is probably a cache issue. Just hit shift and F5 to make sure you really are seeing the most current version of the website.

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There should be an option somewhere either on the server end or the board software that tells the browser in the headers that the browser should check for a new version of the image when it goes to download it. If the server returns a 206 status message, the borwser uses what it has in cache - otherwise it download the new one.

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