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FOOOOORREE! Says the Rangers


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10 Losses is huge though...

think about it, we only have 12 and are dominating the standings

our amount of losses + their amount of losses = hugely different.

sure, we only have 12. they already have 25. that's out of 53 games played. that's almost half. they have 29 games left. mathematically, they'd most likely lose at least 10.

now, if things change and mathematics change, then we'll adjust how many losses it will take to eliminate them. it isn't set in stone by any means...

...but when the whole pic of cro-maggot is full, i'll sure as hell be celebrating!

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Ah, what a novel concept. To think the Rangers mean so much to Devils fans. It's never enough that their team wins. They might be the laughing$tock of the league but at least they aren't the joke of a fanbase that mocks other teams and can't even show up and sell out their own building until the third round.

What will be the excuse this year?

I got a wish: A 1st Round Curse On You.

Pin that!

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On the topic of fanbases mocking other teams -- all fans do it. All fans talk trash about their arch rivals. If Rangers were winning, my Rangers fan friends would never stop harrassing me; my Philly fan friends never stop talkin' sh*t.

Personally, I go easy on trash talking when the team I root for is winning. But to talk smack isn't unnatural. Winning comes first; the trash talk goes along with that, but in a distant second.

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Rags never bash Devils? You are on a Devils board Derek, when are you going to get that? "Take the higher road" then and ignore it. One minute you are trash talking us the fans and this board and in another thread you could be pointing out Devils' strong points. Make up your mind. Wishing ill refute to us or the team is the same thing that is being done here, what is the difference?

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if one thing is clear, it's that sports don't bring out the best of people. ever heard a decent conversation between a flyers fan and a devils fan after a controversial call? you'll hear the f bomb more than any word with more than two syllables. you have to expect devils fans loving the demise of the rangers, it's a natural thing. division rival a mere few miles away... north jersey used to be rangers country... an original six team vs. a team that if emobodied wouldn't even be able to buy a beer legally. no matter how you look at it the rangers will always be the cool college kids that have seen it all while the devils are middle school punks determined to bring them down. and when they bring them down, of course they will feel great. if you're a fan of the middle schooler the only thing second to winning is watching the college kid go down as well.

i wish i could tell you that devils fans simply root their team on without even smiling when the rangers lose. but i'm realistic - i know what goes on and i accept it. sure not everything about getting totally involved with sports is great. how appropriate is this stat - super bowl sunday marks the worst day year-round of domestic violence. think football fans are proud of that? or how about that soccer is treated so highly that a goalie was killed over it... are soccer fans proud of that?

but what fun would sports be if part of the deal was that you couldn't lose yourself in the process... letting your emotions getting the best of you, letting in the best joy and the worst sadness you could ever imagine - all at the hands of a few dozen guys on an ice rink. it's beautiful and ugly at the same time. you can't see it as only beautiful... being a sports fan that can't even crack a smile when his team wins and his rival loses would be the awful... there wouldn't be any fans at all. but letting yourself go into a meaningless sport is perfectly ok... accept it, bro...

it's not like we're going out onto the streets beating up rangers fans. i don't think anyone here would enjoy it. and i'd never even think to as much as laugh at a rangers fan. i might seem like an a$$hole sometimes on the board but one of the thing about messageboards is that you say what you want to without worrying about offending people. i don't want to sound confrontational but i don't think anybody's going to show up at my house wanting to beat me up over some post i put up. i don't take pleasure in making fun of rangers fans to their face, to their friends, or whatever, but messageboards ARE different. i'm on a majority devils fan board and honestly if i might offend one or two people slightly i'm not going to zip my mouth and pretend i don't enjoy the rangers' demise. i do. i'm sorry. but that's just my own opinion.

p.s. attendance jokes and pretending rangers fans don't make fun of devils fans is a clear-cut case of letting sports get the best of you. it's a two-sided street buddy, so don't act like you only go one-way, criticize us, and then go the other way while yelling at us for doing the same thing...

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