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Time of year?


What time?  

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    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Fall
    • Winter

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i'm a big summer fan, i get to play a lot of hockey and of course no school.

i hate winter and whenever it rains or some sort of liquid falls from the sky. it gets cold, i can't play hockey, and i get frustrated.

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What Rowdy said for me. Give me some nice 55-70 degree days and I'm happy. I love the fall for football and Thanksgiving. I love Spring for baseball, NHL playoffs and the fact it starts to heat up again. It's great.

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Here in New England, our four seasons are almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.



So...I am glad this topic was brought up. about a month ago I was doing a writing assignment with my students. Basically anytime I give them any sort of writing its boring and dull and to the point and short. So I had them work day by day on a 6 paragraph descriptive essay about their favorite season. First paragraph was what they see in their season and then hear, smell, tastes, feel and do.. They really got into it and wrote some amazing descriptions unlike our other writing assessments.

SO...I just told them to choose the best one...and out of 22 students..I didnt get any Fall/Autumns. I was totally bummed cause its my second favorite and I was sure it would be a favorite with thanksgiving and halloween and stuff like that... pretty leaves changing colors, jumping in piles of leaves... but nopw... 22 of winter, spring and summer!!

Oh well.

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Fall. :clap:

The weather is best. Hunting season, Hockey, Football, Fires, Cool nights.

Oh and btw you don't have to worry about the leaves until spring, and you don't have to worry about the :hah: leafs ... well, ever! :evil:

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Spring all the way. In Jersey you have spent the last 4-5 months in drury grey cold weather with barren trees.

Everything is all nice and green in late April early May and the smell of fresh grass is a huge relief. Its like coming out of damp drury cold tunnel after 4 month and landing in a nice lush gardenp.

Fall temperatures are nice but Fall just reminds you the depressing winter is coming.

South California doesn't have any seasons. Its just low 60s in the morning, upper 70s during the day and occasional 90 degree day even sometimes in December. You do appreciate seasons when everyday is the same weather wise.

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