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I was feeling creative today...

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Hey guys, I was feeling a bit creative today so I put together this. Its a little subtle, not too over dramatic...I think it blends well..and all of these pics are within the last four games including the game winner in the Miracle of Montreal game....Let me know what you think!!

Team Wallpaper

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Thanks guys...I'm glad people like it...unfortunately the pics I have are too small to make a good quality higher resolution wallpaper so 800x600 will have to do :( sorry.....and come to think of it I really don't think there are days that I'm not feeling creative :) ....of course Don had to bring up Brylin :) i can't stop looking at it either now :) Anyway here's an updated version of the same wallpaper...I switched the watermark, I think this one looks better and I also added the playoff mantra the NHL is pushing....one team. one goal. I also replaced the cup finals logo with a little bit of adjectives describing the devils....Let me know what you think!!!

Wallpaper 2.0

Secondly...here is a little set of wallpaper I did up a while back but edited it to make it look less plain...I edited it shortly before game 1 in the first round (its of Elias of course) and have been sporting it ever since...i figure with as hot as Patty's been lately I'll keep it up...anyway there is the Elias one but I also made a Gomer and Gio one as well....not sure if i'll make more players but if i do first up will be Marty and Janssen...

Elias Jersey Rip

Gio Jersey Rip

Gomer Jersey Rip

Let me know what you think!!

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The second wallpaper does look damn cooler. I really like the One Team One Goal thing. I like the what you did with the quotes about the Devils, but it was cool to have the Playoffs Logo in there too. Kinda made it fit the moment.

It's insanely awesome. As for the player pics...damn dude. No comment necessary. Just works of art. I'm gonna be printing those out on glossy paper and hanging them up.


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