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Devils @ Carolina OGT: 3pm NBC

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(A) Cammi has to go.

(B) Klee has to go.

All Carolina in the 1st. I can't remember a decent shot on Ward. I hope it is just rust. Otherwise, we're in a gigantic world of hurt.

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We can have Cammi play D, and Klee do the interviews. That'll work out! :)

Good idea!!!!

Rowdy: TSN is showing the NBC feed. They do their own pre-game, intermissions and post game, but the game itself is the NBC feed.

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RicPerrott. Page 3. Unless it's a cookies problem again.

Wow. That was a horrible, horrible, horrible 2nd goal. Almost as horrible as our PP. If fact, I can't think of a facet of our game today that doesn't scream "ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE". Like I said, I hope this is rust.

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It has to be rust. I can't imagine that the streak was a fluke, especially not with the way they've played since Elias came back.

Too much time off is just plain bad. Urrrrghhhh. I don't like this game. The defence needs to give Brodeur his B'day pressie now, please.......

Would Brodeur ever get pulled in the play-offs?

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