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Poll: How Many Games Should Marty Play Next Season?

How Many Games Should Marty Play Next Season  

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  1. 1. Well? How Many?

    • 60 or less
    • 60-65
    • 65-70
    • 70 or More

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One factor I think we omitted during the Carolina series was that Marty's probably a tad tired, what with playing nearly 40 games in a row this season, 73 total.

He might've play closer to 80 if he didn't get hurt.

The point is, Marty needs to play a little less, if not 10-15 games less. He's 34, he's gotta start thinking about what's best for his health and the team.

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I voted 65-70 because that would be 3-8 less games than he played this year. I think the amount of games played needs to stay above 65 so that we have a good chance at winning enough games. Marty was very inconsistent during the Carolina series so I think playing 3-8 less games during the season would be enough to keep him playing at a high level through the Stanley Cup Finals.

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I say Marty shouldn't be playing in both games of back to back nights. The Devils were horrible this season on the second nights of back to back, I think they won 2 (WAS and someone else). I know this season had an unusual amount of back to back night games because of the olympics, but doing that and giving him the occasional rest should lead to 65-70 games. Don't count on him missing any of their last 20 games unless it comes to the end and their stuck in a seeding.

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This is a hard question to answer as a fan. I want Marty to play as many games that he is comfortable playing with and that the coaching and training staff feel he can play. They know his body better than any of us. For the sake of answering I put 65-70 because I think that is what he will get around.

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Brodeur should play 68-70.

He sat out a week before playing the Hurricanes. He got a 5 day rest after Canada flailed out of the Olympics.

Every year the Devils lose in the playoffs Marty's 'workload' becomes a factor, but you can believe with Lou Lamoriello behind the bench that he would not have hesitated to sit him if he felt that way. These guys are watching him every day at practice.

They're not going to sit him 20 games a year.

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I think he still can play a lot of games and definitely he wants to play a lot.

I've put 70 or more, 'cause I think 70 is big enough and he can give away 12 games to the backup to have some rest.

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It depends on how well the team is playing, but 65-70.

I like Clemmy but a backup with more exp(Like Corey) would be nice.

I just don't think Clemmy has the exp to sit idle and then jump in cold.

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