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All games in HD:

Announcing Teams:

Team USA: Dave O'Brien-Marcelo Balboa

Everything Else: JP Delacamera-John Harkes, Rob Stone-Robin Fraser, Glenn Davis-Shep Messing, Adrian Healey-Tommy Smyth.

June 9:

12:00 Germany vs. Costa Rica (ESPN2)

3:00 Poland vs. Ecuador (ESPN2)

June 10:

9:00 England vs. Paraguay (ABC)

12:00 Trinidad vs. Sweden (ABC)

3:00 Argentina vs. Ivory Coast (ESPN2)

June 11:

9:00 Serbia vs. Netherlands (ESPN2)

12:00 Mexico vs. Iran (ABC)

3:00 Angola vs. Portugal (ESPN2)

June 12:

9:00 Austrailia vs. Japan (ESPN2)

12:00 USA vs. Czech Republic (ESPN2)

3:00 Italy vs. Ghana (ESPN2)

June 13:

9:00 Korea vs. Togo (ESPN2)

12:00 France vs. Switzerland (ESPN2)

3:00 Brazil vs. Croatia (ESPN2)

June 14:

9:00 Spaine vs. Ukraine (ESPN2)

12:00 Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia (ESPN2)

3:00 Germany vs. Poland (ESPN2)

June 15:

9:00 Ecuador vs. Costa Rica (ESPN2)

12:00 England vs. Trinidad (ESPN2)

3:00 Sweden vs. Paraguay (ESPN)

June 16:

9:00 Argentina vs. Serbia (ESPN2)

12:00 Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast (ESPN2)

3:00 Mexico vs. Angola (ESPN)

June 17

9:00 Portugal vs. Iran (ESPN2)

12:00 Czech Republic vs. Ghana (ABC)

3:00 Italy vs. USA (ABC)

June 18

9:00 Japan vs. Croatia (ABC)

12:00 Brazil vs. Austrialia (ABC)

3:00 France vs. Korea (ABC)

June 19

9:00 Togo vs. Switzerland (ESPN2)

12:00 Saudi Arabia vs. Ukraine (ESPN2)

3:00 Spain vs. Tunisia (ESPN2)

June 20

10:00 Ecuador vs. Germany (ESPN)

10:00 Costa Rica vs. Poland (ESPN2)

3:00 Sweden vs. England (ESPN)

3:00 Paraguay vs. Trinidad (ESPN2)

June 21

10:00 Portugal vs. Mexico (ESPN)

10:00 Iran vs. Angola (ESPN2)

3:00 Netherlands vs. Argentina (ESPN)

3:00 Ivory Coast vs. Serbia (ESPN2)

June 22:

10:00 Ghana vs. USA (ESPN)

10:00 Czech Republic vs. Italy (ESPN2)

3:00 Japan vs. Brazil (ESPN)

3:00 Croatia vs. Australia (ESPN2)

June 23:

10:00 Saudi Arabia vs. Spain (ESPN)

10:00 Ukraine vs. Tunisia (ESPN2)

3:00 Togo vs. France (ESPN)

3:00 Switzerland vs. Korea (ESPN2)

June 24:

11:00 Sweet 16: #1Group A vs. #2 Group B (ABC)

3:00 Sweet 16: #1 Group C vs. #2 Group D (ESPN)

June 25:

11:00 Sweet 16: #1 Group B vs. #2 Group D (ABC)

3:00 Sweet 16: #1 Group D vs. #2 Group C (ESPN)

June 26:

11:00 Sweet 16: #1 Group E (USA Group) vs. #2 Group F (ESPN)

3:00 Sweet 16: #1 Group G vs. #2 Group H (ESPN)

June 27:

11:00 Sweet 16: #1 Group F vs. #2 Group E (USA Group) (ESPN)

3:00 Sweet 16: #1 Group H vs. #2 Group G (ESPN)

June 30:

11:00 Quarterfinals: Winners of Saturday's Games (ESPN)

3:00 Quarterfinals: Winners of Monday's Games (ESPN2)

July 1:

11:00 Quarterfinals: Winners of Sunday's Games (ABC)

3:00 Quarterfinals: Winners of Tuesday's Games (ESPN)

July 4:

3:00 Semifinals: Winners of Friday's Games (ESPN)

July 5:

3:00 Semifinals: Winner's of Saturday's Games (ESPN)

July 8:

3:00 Third Place: Losers of Tuesday and Wednesday (ESPN)

July 9

3:00 Final: Winners of Tuesday and Wednesday (ABC)

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So who works down NYC that wants to hook up and watch game 1 over lunch??

June 12 12 pm!!!

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great almost all the early games are on espn2 hd and stupid time warner cable only has espn 1 in hd

I just saw that. Same as Cablevision.....Rat Bastages

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I'll have to avoid all soccer talk for over 5 hours on monday. It's going to be tough.

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Comcast has added ESPN2HD for the World Cup. It is on Channel 203.

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