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The Price Of Pronger - Damien Cox - Toronto Star


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Thought this one deserved it's own thread for a few reasons. First, because he thinks Niedermayer should have gotten the Norris and the Hart (I would have said yes to the Norris, but not the Hart, but then again, I didn't see the Ducks enough to make an informed decision about that). Second, he discusses the importance of keeping your core intact with players who have played only for your team...and uses NJ as the example as to why the Leafs should not have traded their home-grown players for Pronger. This is an interesting topic and while I tend to agree with him, as long as the talent is worth keeping, I wonder how much longer teams will be able to keep cores intact with the UFA age dropping under the CBA.


July 04, 2006

Damien Cox

The price of Pronger


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As one hockey person once told me, you never, ever get the same sense of loyalty and commitment from any player as you do from those you draft yourself.

Except for when he takes less money too play with his brother.

But the above does indeed explain Holik.

Then again, it doesn't explain Stevens.

Perhaps it's a crap theory.


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Crap theory! :evil:

What goes around comes around -- if a team is loyal, and truthful while being respectful of a players personal feelings it will get the same in return... UNLESS you have a guy with compromised integrity -- then you don't really want him is my person feeling on the matter.

Gionta is going to be more loyal because we gave him a chance despite his size. Gomez hasn't seen how the Devils have been loyal to him -- he thinks they've been lucky to have him and in a sense he's correct. Elias wasn't so sure he was valued here in NJ - seven years says he is.

Niedermayer's integrity was breached by his family. In ways I think the Devils are lucky they got that third Cup winning performance out of him - he gave it his all - and frankly I think almost enjoyed the poignancy of it -- seriously he got off on that bittersweet kiss-off he got to give the family. I think hockey players get off on that pain -- it drives you be it physical or mental - mouthwatering PAIN, Hurts so good kind of thing :P

Holik's feeling were hurt and Lou's attempts to make up for it were too little too late for him. :noclue: He wasn't all that so no big deal :evil:

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Holik's feeling were hurt and Lou's attempts to make up for it were too little too late for him. :noclue: He wasn't all that so no big deal :evil:

And he was the highest paid player in the league last year because the Rangers bought him out at 6.25, and he pulled down 4.75 from the Thrashers. Now that's a sweet deal.

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