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Note to self: don't draft Hasselbeck next year. Dude damn near killed me!

Nice matchup, TeamWaiverWire - you had me pretty worried going into yesterday.

On another note, I don't think I'll ever assemble a fantasy football team as fine as the one I had this year. I was ecstatic after we finished our draft, and figured that I had a really good chance of going deep - though I didn't think I'd win. I had some extra motivation from Crasher, though:

:PB )

Highlights from this year's league:

- Drafting drama / autopick hatred

- First rounder: Drew Bledsoe

- Bringin' in a ringer

- Debate over dispersal draft

- Yahoo! changes in scoring, after the fact

I was trying to talk down Gore cause I wanted to trade for him so I had my secret weapon in all three leagues :P

I'll add another one to it too.....

pounding Manta by 53 points but still missing the playoffs by SIX points

I'd have beaten both Losmans (with losman :P) and you this week with the teams I put out there !!!

Laflamme was no ringer... just the one person I knew had no life and would be able to run that awful team into something :P

Not to mention team BYE winning a flipping game too!!!

So I again invite the magnificent 11 back for next year and we get a 12th WITH a pulse and try it again ??

It's so sad to watch week 17 with no team sheet in front of me..... :evilcry:

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