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The Jester's Quart: The Hockey Cynic's Guide To the NHL's

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Jester, always enjoy reading your articles...keep up the great work! We need to get you in the NHL office writing for the NHL, they can use great talents like yourself!!

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Great stuff...very funny and well-written...far more clever and witty than anything I've read on ESPN.com, that's for damn sure.

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This team is such a laughingstock, I'm surprised they haven't dug the Aquafresh Gorton's uniforms out of mothballs to complete the look.
If their season were a slot machine, it would have a BAR and two blank spaces

Hysterical. Keep up the good work Jester.

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I'm not quite sure how the Buffalo Sabres' uniform change became the fan-hatred magnet of the summer. Yes, the new logo looks like either an atomic garden slug, the love child of a gerbil and a cashew nut, or something your Uncle Murray might wear to a South Florida meeting of the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo.


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Wow...I'm always overwhelmed by the response this thing gets. Thanks a ton to everyone for reading and spreading good cheer about the cynic's guide. It's much appreciated and an honor.

And while nothing in the column is as hilarious as Larry Brooks predicting that the New York Rangers are going to win the Stanley Cup this season, I did my best...

Thanks again...



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