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"Message Board 90210" would be an excellent name for a message board. :evil:

I'm more of a fan of Melrose Place, how can you not like Heather!?

90210 had the better theme song, though. The perfect mix of guitars and synthesizers.

I don't care for the man in your avatar...well, he used to be cool.

T-shirts, good! Napster, bad! :lol:

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Gee :unsure: I never thought to reintroduce myself when I went from devsRgreat to LizDevil30. But then again, I never introduced myself in the first place. :P So allow me to introduce myself, I'm Liz from Bergen County (don't hold it against me :lol: ) NJ. I'm married and have four Devil loving kids! Oh and in case you haven't noticed, I love Marty. :wub:

jbech the new handle is cool. Puckrock says it all, huh? :) Sorry for hijacking your reintro thread. ;)

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I assumed it was you anyway considering you had the two-man advantage link in your sig ;)

Liz you might be the only one with an intro after 7000 posts in someone else's quasi-intro thread :lol: I knew who you were beforehand since you had 'The poster formerly known as devsRgreat' in your sig for a while, unfortunately I didn't really know you as well then, when you first changed your name to the more distinctive LizDevil I was like 'Whoa, how do you have 3000+ posts?'.

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Hetfield really had nothing to do with the whole Napster fiasco. That was initiated and tackled by that a$$hole Lars. James has been a huge inspiration to me over the last 10 years in both life and my guitar playing. Those Camp Chaos videos were hilarious though. I remember when they first came out.

As for the whole '90210' thing, I was trying to make a connection like "Dr. 90210" and how he changes everyone's appearance. (Get it?)

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