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Game Thread: Devils and Leafs


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Right on, It's been shown on CBC...two games in two weeks, I'm beng spoiled!

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Why not now? :D

Some of us won't be in chat.

NOt in chat come on you gotta be there. Ok since I did get a PM from somebody. If everything falls into place Scott is going to have a golf tournament or something up here next summer. My brother said 22 nhl players were going to come up and the names he mentioned which weren't too many but the ones he mentioned were all devils. Plus Gary Suter and maybe Ryan Suter could be coming up. If this does go through I'm going to have pictures a plenty. So that's why I can't wait hopefully it happens though because I've been screwed a few times. I think I will have a pretty good chance of meeting them if it happens because I will probably have to take a few people out fishing.

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Speaking of Scott, they just has Lou on the pregame show of HNiC and he said that Gomez should be back "later on this week".

Other notes from the man who just spoke for 15 minutes and said almost nothing:

- He said that Marty was likely taken out of context regarding the Madden/Pandolfo vs Jagr thing

- He never felt like the CBA handcuffed him. This year he was able to keep the players that he wanted to keep and a lot of teams were unable to do that.

- He said that he's not worried about the offense. First off, hockey isn't about scoring lots of goals, it's about scoring at least one more goal than the other team. Secondly, this team CAN score lots of goals - it certainly has the talent to do so and it's just a matter of time before they start going in.

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I hope NJ can play for a full 60. If not, play for 40 and score at least 3 goals - they'll be set.


Guess we'll have to go for 40. Because I think only one player on the team broke a sweat in the 1st. Damn, I've rarely seen a team so completely dominated for 20 minutes and come away unscathed.

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