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Leafs blame it on Zamboni


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Are you farooqing KIDDING ME???

Next they'll blame the laws of physics for HOW ICE FREEZES!!!!

And I thought the Laffs would be LESS whiny without Quinn.... UNREAL :rolleyes::rolleyes:

What, you mean Scotty was right and you canna change the laws of physics??? Why NOT??? These are the LEAFS, dammit!!! Change those laws NOW!!!

Crasher, don't give them new ideas!!! :P

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What, you mean Scotty was right and you canna change the laws of physics??? Why NOT??? These are the LEAFS, dammit!!! Change those laws NOW!!!

Crasher, don't give them new ideas!!! :P

Oh with the mood I'm in now finding out about this awful trip to Houston I have to take for this :rant::rant: Bowl Game... I need the person to yell at :P

But hey they are at least CREATIVE about their whinings which I give credit to!

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(This from the Toronto Globe and Mail:)


NHL looks into Maurice's ice complaint



The National Hockey League has investigated a complaint from Toronto Maple Leafs coach Paul Maurice yesterday that his team's shooting end was not properly prepared for the shootout against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday.

After the Leafs' 4-3 shootout loss at the Bell Centre, Maurice conceded that his team would have lost anyway, but he wasn't satisfied with the ice-scraping job performed after overtime, complaining that the shooting lane was narrow for the Leafs.

Maurice asked referees Gord Dwyer and Kelly Sutherland for another go-round by the ice-surfacing machine. The referees, however, did not honour the request.

Mike Murphy, the NHL's senior vice-president of hockey operations, confirmed that the league looked into the matter yesterday, but that no conclusions had been reached.

"We have already started to review the situation," Murphy said. "We need to be careful not to react to accusations by one team or organization against another.

"The video didn't show a poor scrape job, it just showed the cleaned ice to be narrower at the Montreal end [Toronto's shooting end]. Was this planned? Hard for anyone to say, but we are dealing with this."

Three of the four Toronto-Montreal games this season have been decided by a shootout. Maurice indicated a narrower shooting lane was also left for the Leafs the previous time they were at the Bell Centre, on Oct. 28, when the Leafs won 5-4.

"I'm just saying the last time we were in here, there was a six-foot swath from the blueline to the crease," Maurice said. "I asked [the refs] to bring the Zamboni back out. Our shoot [lane] was narrower. Anyway, it didn't cost us the game."

What cost the Leafs the game on Saturday was blowing a two-goal lead with less than nine minutes to go in the third period. It's another symptom of the team's fragile confidence, as its losing string was extended to a season-worst four games.

The Habs were in danger of dropping back-to-back games for the first time this season, but captain Saku Koivu rescued his teammates with two late-game goals to tie the score 3-3.

While Leafs captain Mats Sundin had no problem negotiating the narrow shooting lane to score in his shootout attempt, both Koivu and defenceman Sheldon Souray scored for Montreal. Souray faked a slap shot, froze Toronto goaltender Andrew Raycroft and then went wide to score the winner.

The Leafs' next attempt to snap out of their funk will come against the Atlanta Thrashers at the Air Canada Centre tomorrow. There is a chance that injured defenceman Carlo Colaiacovo could make his return to the lineup.

The Leafs will recall Colaiacovo from his conditioning stint later today from the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League, where he had three assists in three games.

Meanwhile, the Leafs underwent their annual skills competition at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto yesterday. Forward Chad Kilger set an NHL record in the hardest-shot competition with a blast of 106.6 miles an hour, surpassing Al Iafrate's mark of 105.2. Kilger also was the quickest to skate a lap around the ice: 14.23 seconds. Defenceman Pavel Kubina won the shooting accuracy drill by hitting four targets in four shots.

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