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New Devils Fan


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Hi Devil fans,

I found this forum a few weeks ago and have been visiting it regularly since.

I moved to NJ from Germany 2 years ago. Formally I only cared about hockey during the Olympics and world championships, even though the German team gets their ass kicked there every time. When I came here there was no Hockey due to the lockout. I started to watch basketball but I got very annoyed quickly because in a close game they stop playing the last minutes and its only about fouls, free throws and time outs. The last minute of play takes about 2 hours. I tried to understand the hype about baseball, without any success. I don

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Willkommen zu den Brettern, deutsch!!

You're dead on with Basketweaving er ball :noclue: I've always felt they should just spot a team 10 points and play a 2 minute game. :argh:

Baseball, you gotta play to appreciate. It can be VERRRRY boring if you do not know the minibattles that are on going. Even during the ball scratching. Could actually be secret code for a play! :lol:

Hey! You dead on about those damned prices too! They're a bitch! If only they'd lower prices, you'd see sellouts!!! Oh well :noclue: aint nothing to do for it but appreciate the games you DO get to go to and take advantage of them to show your support for the team!!!

Like This guy!!


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Willkommen! Yah, that's all the German I know...along with Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Bayerische Motoren Werks, Porsche, Luftwaffe, Lufthansa, flughafen, Messerschmitt, etc.

Basketball sucks. Too much squeaking and only the last 2 mins count.

Have you seen a baseball game in person? I can't stand it on TV but the live experience is cool.

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welcome, i just recently joined the forum myself. I've only been to amsterdam, but would liek to do the whole euro trip, including Germany. I can see how you feel about basketball, it's not like it used to be. everyone is looking to dunk, which is fun to watch sometimes, but you have to know the fundamentals. if you can make a foul shot, you don't deserve to be in the nba. that's why so many good players are coming from europe. baseball on the other hand is a great game, in my opinion the greatest. i love hockey and how much it is a team sport and how much effort those guys put in every night. some people don't get the game, it takes patience, and if you get into it, what an exciting game. just like baseball, there's so much going on, that you can really lose yourself in it. of course, it's better in person, so is every game, but aside from the amount of money these guys are making today, it's a great sport. for me, hockey and baseball are similar in some ways, but i like them both in their own way.

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