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Game thread: Tampa Bay @ Devils


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Elias proving his worth 6.5mil and he misses an open net in shootout.... Marty is just miserable in these, remember when he was money in the shootout?

Maybe this season Clemmenson should be the shootout goalie. :rolleyes:

Elias has to bang that one in. He had it. Oh well!

I'll take the point.

How did that puck not go in? It was like it had a mind of its own. :huh:

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Elias proving his worth 6.5mil and he misses an open net in shootout.... Marty is just miserable in these, remember when he was money in the shootout?

I think that was back when we had a guy named Kozlov.

Parise, Gionta and Elias did in the shootout what the did in the game. Pretty much nothin'.

Doc and Chico were right.. the passing just seemed COMPLETELY out of sync. Pucks pushed just a little too far or low percentage cross-ice passes. The only way the Devils were advancing the puck was by skating it because every pass was intercepted or didn't hit the intended target. We were damn lucky to escape with a point.

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There is no point of keeping Greene in the lineup to barely play. I don't understand the logic in scratching Hale in favor of someone who will barely even set foot on the ice.

As opposed to playing Hale who barely even sets foot on the ice?

People worry about Marty playing too many games but my concern is Julien's overreliance on the chosen four and having them average 27+ minutes a night. Hopefully he'll play the sixth D (whether it's Greene or Hale) more when Oduya's back up to speed after the break. He didn't play the fourth line either but I guess that's dictated to a certain extent by how much the other team plays its fourth line plus Tampa's too explosive to risk having the fourth line out there on a bad line change.

Good game, we can say 'what if' on the goal at the end of the second period, oh well. That's why they play twenty minutes and not nineteen minutes fifty seconds. I wish this team remembered how to win a shootout but at least it's not a concern after April, plus they don't need the extra points as bad as they did last year anyways. At least they rallied to get the one point to force OT and get 11 points up on the Rangers. Sometimes talented players can win a game by themselves and that's what Richards did tonight. Let's just b-tchslap the Flyers again and go into the break soaring.

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No but Kevin Smith was at the game and he told me he was so bored that he nixed the "Chasing Amy" sequel he was set to do... :koolaid:

That's pretty low. I'm glad the guys came away with a point. You can;t win them all and you can't expect them to repeat what happened last season. I am glad they are up on top of the Atlantic Division. Good job for making it about 11 up on those Rags.


ninja edit: Good point

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I can live with this meaningless skills competition loss. Tampa winning hurt the Rangers, who are now in 8th, and one point away from being out of the playoffs. We add a point to our lead on them, and Tampa gets two and jumps them in the standings. We could very well be the only Atlantic Division team in the playoffs this season.

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Unless I missed it, all I saw him do was give the guy a little tap on the side or arm or whatever with his stick. This little tap had absolutely no effect on whoever the Lightning player was. He still controlled the puck easily and didn't even react to White's "hook" at all, so why call a penalty if it didn't impede the puck-carrier?

Whether you agree with that interpretation of the rule, it is now the standard limit of the rule for hooking. If their stick is parallel to the ice and so much as touches the guy, they will be called. They all know it. We don't complain when these calls result in power plays for NJ. It no longer has anything to do with whether the player is impeded...they want to avoid the spectacle of players having to go airborne in order to get a call.

White, and everyone else, is aware of the interpretation of the rule. They have had a season and a half to adjust to it. Whether you agree with the way they are calling it or not, I'd be complaining about White's stupidity in doing something he has to know will get a call, not in the refs for calling it.

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