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My son Wyatt.



Where did you find it? And can I get my melon in one???

I would totally wear that out! :ph34r::koolaid::evil:

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Thanks people. Yeah, on most gamenights, Wyatt's usually going to sleep just as the puck is dropping, but he's definitely not confused about which team we're rooting for. :evil: I'm taking him to his first game April 11, the regular season closer against the Canes. He'll be a few days shy of eight months old. I just hope he doesn't get spooked :evilcry: when the Devils score and all the fans scream. :yay: Luckily, we'll be sitting a little off by ourselves in the terrace table section on the upper level, so maybe it won't be too bad. As for the doll and the hat, I got them at the arena Devils Den. :koolaid: And yes to the question about my avatar. :thumbsup:

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That's a creepy as it is funny. Very.

More creepy than anything!

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So Im at work way bored and I came across this website makemebabies.com

So I made me some babies lol


Me & Brent Sutter....its a boy


Me & Sutter again...girl


Me and Zach...girl


Me & Gomez...boy


me & Gomez...girl


Me & Holik...boy


lmao...me and lou ...boy

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look it up google meister <_<

I tried this with my husband and I and it looks NOTHING like rebecca... they gave her thin lips even... she's never had this lips neither of us does... they didnt' use either of our eye brows -- they just sort of used my eyes - mixed our noses a little bit -- but mostly just used a generic baby face I think.

the mouth is just like yours - stupid stupid stupid...

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