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GDT: Devils @ Tampa Bay


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Ya know, I don't usually listen to what Stan has to say. But he just put it best when he said about Marty: "we are looking at a living legend."

Does anyone else hate when Cangialose calls the game? It just irks me for some reason everytime he calls a faceoff a "face".

I actually think he does a good job. Much better than when Loughlin filled in for Doc.

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The game was too fast for Laughlin. Steve anticipates better, he just tries to over sell too many things. Nether of them are first class pbp guys or can hold a candle to the voice of hockey of course.

Loughlin doing play-by-play is like listening to nails on a chalk-board. And it's even worse on the radio. Combined with Chorske, it might be the most brutal broadcast team in the history of broadcast teams. I will never know what Lou was thinking when he hired those two to do radio. ESPECIALLY with quality guys like John Weidemann and Mike Miller available. Who wouldn't have loved to have Mike Miller back?

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Ugly game. Nice win, but ugly game. Neither team seemed to be able to connect on any passes. Everything seemed completely disorganized. Where the Devils had the difference was work along the boards. The only way the Lightning were winning these battles was if they outmanned, which caused breakdowns elsewhere. One-on-one, the Devils were winning those battles. Lightning KILLED us tonight on face-offs. I noticed in the third we stopped even trying to win them and rather were trying to scramble them.

The second line scoring has really dried up of late and we are leaning on EGG for every win. If this continues, Marty is going to have to put up shutouts for EVERY win.

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i was just waiting for pandawful to shank the empty netter...lol! (jk...pando is king)

all i gotta say is marty's 2 pad stack rules.

he's one of the best goalies ever, in his prime...this could turn out to be one of the greatest seasons ever turned in by an NHL goalie.

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Forget everyone else...Devils fan's just cherish this amazinger goaltender in action...cause as a young (21 yr old) devil fain I am living this up beyond belief... I already realize that this is the best goaltending i will see in my lifetime and you alll (sorry for bein drunk) should appreciate this and love this as a devils fan.... fvck YA MARTY KEEp ON winNIN. I just hope he knows that he has fans in NJ and beyond that are all for him, like me..alright keep on bein fans dont give me a hard time for speakin the truth... LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!

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Marty was on fire !!!!!

The save from Lacavalier and Prospal was amazing.

The lack of second line scoring is a little worrying , but kinda expected.

With Zajac in his first year , Parise his second i kinda expected them to slow a little .

But they both have a great attitude, and they will pick up again.

Pando might be on for a career high goal tally.

Who knows he might make 20 :boogie:

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