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Hey everyone


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Oh puhlease they wouldnt care if I was in there...their gfs might. Lmao. But umm Hubey is like ALWAYS the last one out of the locker room anyways. Lmao && I know the kid is packin...

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so he's black ??

heh.... now I don;t know if that was a racist black people have big jimmies comment

or a black people are all convicts who carry guns comment :D

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! That was funny. Lmao. Ohhhh man hehehehheheheheheheheh.

.....ANYWAYS! Well apparently hes not black because if he was i wouldnt find him attractive..and no thats not a racist/white supremacist comment. I just dont find black dudes attractive...ever.

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Holy cow that took awhile to catch up on.

I see it is now the LHP-Crasher chat room love shack. ;)

you wannnaaaa goooo fivvveeee hollllllleeeeeeeeeeee :dance:

(used for dual meaning :P)

Oh yeah, the heat is off me. Good job goalie. :thumbsup:

See, I may know how to mangle the French language enough to make the girls giggle, but I don't play goal.

You've got the inside track, you just gotta keep badmouthin this 20 year old competition you got and yer in!

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