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While I was suffering reading thru that convo between you and Dr. Knowlittle, I saw at least three opportunities for you to talk to this kid.

1- Wait for him after a game. You sed he gets out of the lockers after everyone else. Go up to him and ask if he remembers you/intro yerself and offer to take him out for a celebritory/consolation beverage and a slice.

2- SIT next to him on the bus. Ramble on about how you love watching him play and wanna know his life story.

3- Go to practice and flash im cheer/clap for him when he deservess it & talk to him after.

Again with the "I'm me and I like watching you play, wanna go talk?" line.

IT WILL WORK, just trust yourself. Jeez! it sounds like this guy has no life outside the rink anyway, he's probably staring at you wondering what he could do to get you to hang out with him!

Crasher is right, there aint a guy out there who don't want his ego stroked by a fan. Just throw your puckbunny self at him and let his Fench-Canadian goalie reflexes handle the rest.

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just do it, or you'll anger me. " don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

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good! Don't wimpout!

I expect to here all about how you two hit it off!!

I also expect CRASHER will get AIMed about it nonstop.

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I wonder if Gene Simmons has sent this guy a cease and desist order. I know he used to harass King Diamond. Probably still does.

He can't... the dude was playing a Superhero Character based off the Green Lantern Tatoo on his left arm

Good funny story about him too though.... he's a real comic book geek and three years ago the WWE happens to be in Phily the week of Wizard World Phily, so he decides to go on the Saturday in the afternoon and check the place out.... poor guy goes to the bathroom in the back and walks right in the middle of a 150 person WWE Raw Deal Card Game World Championship Qualifer..... one guy goes LOOK IT'S THE HURRICANE... and the poor dude gets assaulted by 150 geeks wanting their cards signed (and yes I too got 4 signed :P)

I give him credit for being a trooper through the piss trip from hell!!!!

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Lmao. Fine I'll do it. But it's gonna have to wait until wednesday.

Well XxLHPxX!??!

Waiting to hear the progress report on yer big day!!! ;)

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Lmao. Yeah yeah yeah I'm like so nervous. Grrrr why are goalies so damn difficult to talk too?

Okay so it's like 3:27 pm and the boys semi finals game isnt until 7:30 soooooo I figured I would let everyone know something that I found out today. Okay well I found out from a friend he may be jealous or whatever that Hubert isn't looking for a relationship and some girl whos like 15 likes him. Now Hubert has already graduated high school so hes like turning 20 this year...okay WELL this girl really needs to back the fvck off...she doesnt even go to our school and on top of that my friend, who gave me the info, doesnt even really talk to Hubey...she just sees him in the halls and says "hey" thats about it. So who the fvck is she to tell me that he doesnt want a relationship when she probably doesnt even know for sure...Oh man I was so pissed and I was thinking about not even talking to him but I decided against it because if it is true that he doesnt want a relationship I may be able to change that...you never know. So fvck them I'm doing what I have to do to get my man. I'm sick of people telling me all this stuff about him when they really have no clue and I'm sick of someone telling me that I can't get him. fvck them...I'm going for it.

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Well that's for her 20 year old goalie to find out :uni:


Good for you XxLHPxX! If he doesn't want a relationship, he can tell you that himself. You could change his mind about that! AND who's to say he don't at least want to hang out with someone ?!?

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