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NFL Free Agency Thread

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Wow. What a profound statement. "When the best team in the AFC East loses their HOF coach and QB, then the other three teams in the division will do better than them"

Are you freakin kidding me???? 1. That won't be for ten years. 2. no kidding? sheesh.

And what the hell is wrong with a coach being happy when they win and mad when they lose?????? Belichick is the sh!t. I suppose you think he's insulting the game when he wears his cutoff hoddie too? pfft.

What i wanted to say is: Pats will not be the same as Brady/Bellichick will be gone.I respect Bellichick as a Head Coach, i don't care what he wears on when he's coaching in a game.Well...When the Jets won 14-13 , and he came to shook the hand of Mangini, he was really mad.Lets not forget he wasn't happy that Mangini went to the Jets.When the Pats-Jets in the Playoffs, Pats won and when the time he had to shake the hand with the Huge smile in his face.Also, when the Pats lost the game against the Colts he pushed off Manning away.

My hate toward the Pats is more personal :noclue: ...Sorry if i offended you.In the future, i will not trash the Pats..Because winning 3Superbowls in 6years is quite an acomplishment and the organsiation must be proud of what they done in their History and just this Summer..They signed Thomas/Stallworth and got Moss.

Good luck for the season.

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