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NFL Free Agency Thread


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Quarterback Trent Green finally is a Dolphin.

After more than three months of sometimes contentious negotiations with the Kansas City Chiefs, the Dolphins have acquired the three-time Pro Bowl player for a conditional fifth-round draft pick, a source with knowledge of the negotiations said this evening.

The pick would become a fourth-rounder should Green play a specified amount.

The trade, originally reported by Foxsports.com, is contingent on Green passing a physical. Assuming that, he likely would be able to participate in the Dolphins' three-day mini camp that begins Friday.

Green's arrival is expected to trigger the end of Daunte Culpepper's career with the Dolphins after just one, injury-plagued season. The Dolphins are expected to quickly try to trade Culpepper. If a deal can't be found, he likely would be released.

The Dolphins will be the fifth team for Green, a 13-year veteran who will be 37 on July 9. He missed eight games last season because of a concussion, but had started 80 in a row prior to that.

Green threw for at least 4,000 yards in the three seasons prior to the 2006 season.

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Truth... now that hockey is dead to me... and watching any pro wrestling that doesn't have TNA involved really just SUCKS now... it's time to bring back the National.... Football.... League!!!!!

And since New England brought back my FAVORITE :P Vinny Green Balls... we can count them OUT of the Super Bowl Hunt B )

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Daunte, quite franky, has no choice in the matter- Mueller will do what's best for the organization, and if some team that needs QB help is willing to surrender a low round pick for Culpepper, he'll be traded. If not he'll get his wish and be released. Either way, he's done as a 'Phin. I'm happy about the Green acquisition- he's the perfect bridge to Beck, who should be ready to inherit the starting job next year.
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Yeah..I guess your a Dolphin fan :P, But yes, Daunte is not the same since that Big season in 2004-2005 when he had 39tds-11ints and the best move for the Phins is to trade Daute.(I think Green will help more beck than Culpper.)

Btw Congrats to the Porter Signing! He's a great Lb(Btw i'm a Steeler fan :uni: )

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Dude, Clown, I was watching NFL Live on Tuesday, and the first 5 minutes was all about Brady and Moss. Then some commercials. Then they return to a montage alternating between great moments from Elway and Montana. Which means they're gonna talk about Elway and Montana, right? Wrong. They talk about how much Brady is like the both of them, and how much success he has achieved at such a young age. This accounts for another 5+ minutes. Then, more commercials. Then they talked about something else for about 2 minutes, only to now return to Brady and his social life, expounding on his relationships with Bridgette Moynihan and Giselle Bundchen. Pathetic- the whole show made me want to puke something awful. And they somehow worked in that Marino never won a SB in the segment in which they compared Brady to Montana and Elway. :puke: It's ridiculous. ESPN sucks Brady's cock more than Moynihan or Giselle combined ever have.
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More updates:

-- Chris Brown re-signs with the Titans (1 year)

-- Various media outlets are reporting that former Redskins and Giants linebacker LaVar Arrington has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident in the D.C. area. Arrington reportedly lost control of his motorcycle at about 1:00 p.m. EDT on Monday and struck a guardrail on U.S. Route 50 near the beltway. Arrington has a broken bone in his arm, three broken bones in his leg, cuts, and bruises.

-- Dolphins terminate the contract of defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson, after trying unsuccessfully to trade the 14-year veteran. The Dolphins agreed to ship Wilkinson to Denver on March 2 for a sixth-round draft pick, but he failed to report to the Broncos for a physical and the deal was voided. He was not with the Dolphins for their offseason workouts, either.

and some people NEVER learn:


As we mentioned earlier, Titans cornerback Pacman Jones has his name in the headlines again, this time in connection with a shooting in DeKalb County, Georgia. But local police say they want Jones for information about the shooters, not because they think he was involved.

According to the Associated Press, Officer Ariel Toledo of the DeKalb Police Department said Jones, his entourage and three other people got into a fight, apparently over a woman, at a club at around 4 a.m., but that Jones wasn't there when a shooting took place afterwards.

"We believe he knows some of his entourage who were involved in the shooting," Toledo said. "On himself, we do not have any charges on him. He wasn't there when the shooting occurred."

One person who was not involved in the dispute was injured. Jones's attorney said he is still trying to find out what happened, but that his understanding is police only want to talk to Jones as a witness.

Even if Jones broke no laws in the incident, this could still be bad news for him. Jones is currently suspended for the entire 2007 season, but has said he is going to work to convince commissioner Roger Goodell to reinstate him after 10 games. Goodell has indicated he is open to that, but only if Jones turns his life around. Given that Goodell was reportedly angry when he learned that Jones visited a strip club before the two of them met in April, he probably won't be too happy with this latest news.

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And in "wow I shouldn't have said that" news....Devon Hester was caught saying that the Bears would win the SuperBowl if they had McNabb on the team...HA! Talk about calling out your QB...although you gotta give him credit for saying something everyone already knows Grossman is not a good QB...period...

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I hate those fvcking Patriots and their Coach Bill Belichick :puke::argh: .When they loose , Bill is so freaking mad.When Pats win, He has the big smile in his face.

Don't worry, when the Billick/Brady will be out, The bills/Jets/Dolphins will take the control of the Divison.

Wow. What a profound statement. "When the best team in the AFC East loses their HOF coach and QB, then the other three teams in the division will do better than them"

Are you freakin kidding me???? 1. That won't be for ten years. 2. no kidding? sheesh.

And what the hell is wrong with a coach being happy when they win and mad when they lose?????? Belichick is the sh!t. I suppose you think he's insulting the game when he wears his cutoff hoddie too? pfft.

Yes, I am Travis. DIE-HARD Dolphins fan. :D

Obviously, they've been trying to kill their fans for 25 years!

... And they somehow worked in that Marino never won a SB in the segment in which they compared Brady to Montana and Elway....

They were just answering the impending question "Why didn't they compare him to Marino?" before it was asked.


While Dan was a great player, who put up great numbers, he failed to win the big one. And he had his chances. F



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Wow they get one Super Bowl HANDED to them by an awful Bears team and he gets delusions of granduer!!

Mark Rypien won a Super Bowl too....he couldn't even wash marino's suits for the HBO Show :P

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JP > Romo :o

Oh now you're just asking about it :P

And I've not seen enough of Romo to fairly say if he's better then a medicore at BEST quarterback on an average football team in a city bred for failure :evil:

How's THAT for a proper comeback B )

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Obviously, they've been trying to kill their fans for 25 years!

They're succeeding. If I was an older man, I would've had a massive coronary about 5 years ago. As it is, when I die, I'm telling my family to blame the Dolphins. :P:argh:

While Dan was a great player, who put up great numbers, he failed to win the big one. And he had his chances.

Hey man, it's a team sport. And Dan never had the best TEAM around him. We all know Dan wins AT LEAST 3 rings with those 49er teams. That's not even up for argument.

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