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Devils @ Carolina


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Poor Chico he's lost, Tampa Bay? What, did he think the lockout counted as missing the playoffs? :D I guess it's hard to remember they did make the playoffs last year considering they got wiped off the mat, but that was the series (and Grahame was one of the goalies) that gave rise to the '75-25 rule' :giggle:

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Clarkson should be here for another 7 games, what with Gionta on IR. I like his game too - who wouldn't after tonight.

Man, I'd hate to see the Canes in the playoffs - we needed to deny them at least the loser point tonight. They really have a strong team and it seems we can never keep them out of a game.

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Wow! All I heard on the radiostream was how the Herapanes were crying about one thing or another! Bitches!

I tell ya, I hope our boys come out of the gates with a better show of pressure on St.Pattys day!

Jeez that third was ALLLLLL Cryalotta! :argh:

Great job :hail:Marty, fending off that onslaught of what actually did get by that mighty Defense!!!! :clap2:

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Very satisfying victory. These were the hated Hurricanes, they needed the game badly to solidify a playoff spot, and we didn't let them have it.

I didn't like how they pretty much ran through us at will from the 7 minute mark on of the 3rd period, but it is back to back games so fatigue was likely setting in. You can excuse that.

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If anyone has any doubts about who wins the Vezina should re-watch that third period.

That was so much like playoff hockey that my heart was in my throat, which rarely happens during the regular season.

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