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Lmao shut up Crasher. I'm not stalking him...only Hubert. You should know by now that I only stick with my ND-Ffld boys. I mean come on. lmao

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Welcome Kool-Aid.

Welcome to NJDevs dating game. If you speak French, or can fake it, you could walk away with a young impressionable puckbunny from your area! Sound good?

There's some pretty high criteria to meet, so

Let's see if you qualify, shall we?

1. Are you a dude? -

2. You a goalie? - check

3. You speak or at least fake French? -

4. Do you have a pulse? -

5. Can you like handle hearing "like" while talking to a chick like a hundred times? -

6. hmmm that's it. Not as tough as I thought, actually. :noclue:

Enjoy yer board experience and enjoy yer new stalker. :koolaid:

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