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GDT: Devils @ Toronto


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I loved how they showed the Devils around Cam as if they were celebrating the hit on Kaberle...nice editing. I am nervous about tonight's game. Unfortunately I am going to have to miss it. :evilcry: Is it bad that I am disappointed that I am going to miss it when the reason is b/c I am going out with the hubby for our anniversary? :blink:

Oh well...

GO DEVILS!!!!!!!

Redeem yourself Marty!!! :pray:

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Time to BLOW away the Leafs for good here! Devils need this win badly and go back up 4 points in the division.

LETS GO DEVILS!!! :evil:

This is going to be a good game tonight and really looking forward to this game for a while now.

Brodeur and Luongo are now tied for most wins in the NHL with 42. Brodeur wins tonight he is back in the lead and has tied his season high for wins in a season. Brodeur to play his game tonight and well rested. B )

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This game has been so hyped up by Darcy Tucker himself and the media. This leads me to believe that the refs will really be on both teams tonight. With so much attention given, I think that the league will watch this one closely. Any wrong move on either side will carry consequences. It'll be interesting to see how the Leaf's bad boy handles himself tonight.

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:dance::boogie: Lets Go BIATCHESSSS :dance::boogie:

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