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GDT: Devils @ Islanders


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a fourth line of Rupp/Dowd/Clarkson would get more than 5 minutes and should be able to actually

score some goals especially against the other teams 3rd and 4th lines. Sorry Cam, but i don't see him

playing much at all in the playoffs except against maybe Toronto. When everybody's healthy this team

all of a sudden has some nice depth up front.

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Ya, at the moment, with a full healthy lineup, I would think Clarkson ends up on the 4th line and on the 2nd PP unit.

Clarkson is physical enough and willing to drop the gloves so you really don't need to worry about losing Cam's physical play if you're putting Clarkson in his place.

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Also. He would actually like to score. Something that has been a taboo with this system. Imagine the nerve of him and Dowd actually wanting to put the puck in the net? Julien may ask Lou to send them down for such insubordination!!

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It was a great game last night, a lot of Devils fans showed up!

I have some pictures that Gordie#9 took so I'll have to upload them soon. I also hung around afterward and had a quick chat with Clarkson.. he's a great guy!

A fantastic win, hope the rushed travel doesn't hurt them in Buffalo tonight!

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I would love to see Clarkson continue to get a lot of minutes, even in the playoffs.





ex: Rasmussen/Rupp, Janssen

I feel these lines are balanced, allow for flexibility to move some players if need be, and will allow the Devils to roll 4 lines, meaning the 4th line will actually play a significant role. I am just loving this healthy line up, it really adds tons of flexibility.

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awww thats a cute picture,

I cant figure out what was said that is block page 4 of the game thread for me at work. I think this is the first time a game thread page was blocked to me.

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