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Denis replaced as Tampa's back-up


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This is actually puzzling, first of all Denis stinks and probably should have been gone long ago anyway, but the timing's really odd. On the eve of the playoffs?! Then again I should talk about odd timing with all of our pre-playoff coach pink slips :rolleyes:

But why didn't they give this kid Ramo a shot in the regular season if they were intent on using him in the playoffs? They didn't even start him in a single game, did they? I know he got a couple of short relief stints but that's about it. It makes no sense to me.

Did Denis show up to practice drunk a la Deron Quint? Or does Tortorella think he was going to hide Ramo so teams couldn't get a book on him? I'd call that trying to be too cute. Probably more likely Tortorella just got in one of his psycho anti-goalie moods :P

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Torts is just trying to one up Lou on the "WTF" factor.


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He probably has more faith in Ramo than Denis as the backup should he need to come in. Given Denis' lackluster season, should he have to come in relief of Holmqvist, he might put too much pressure on himself to make up for a poor season. I guess Tortorella figures Ramo won't put any added pressure on himself. Just my 2 cents. :noclue:

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