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Ottawa Sun Strikes Again

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McRae is the type of writer who's soul purpose is to invoke reaction. There is rarely anything factual about his articles...Hell the guy writes constantly about Elvis living outside of the City to give you an idea.

occasionally, he does write some really intersting stuff based on fact or written from the heart...but mostly just tries to piss people off.

I usually skip past anything with his name attached to it.

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the poor guy lacks a good pair of boobies in his life... so please... some obscenely fat guy ... show yer tits to him and we can all move along!!! :evil:

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This is just stupid. He insults Americans and he insults Canadians. I couldn't even bother to read the entire article it was just that lame. Does he actually get paid to do this? Man, I'm in the wrong line of work!

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You people need to lighten up and get a life. It's just like the thing with Don Imus. This is no big deal. Grow up all of you, including myself. Why is everyone so sensitive all of a sudden? It's as if everything has to be politically correct all the time. Well, fvck that. This is all done with tongue in cheek. Remember, it's freedom of speech with some responsibilty sprinkled in there somewhere. :noclue:

Do any of you have a problem with Carlos Mencia from Comedy Central or any other comedian? To me, this is along the same lines. It's funny and hiliarious. You need to laugh at yourself once in a while and not be so serious all the time. Some of you need to get a sense of humor.... oooooo did I touch a nerve.. GOOD


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