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GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

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As much as the Madden line hasn't been perfect, Ottawa has scored 4 goals inn the last two games. Of those 4 goals you had the Intereference on Marty, the bad skate goal..they weren't on for MIke Fisher's goal last night, and a their line was out for Ott's first goal, which Colin White wandered out to the corner for god knows what leaving Heatley open in front.

Madden's line could be better, but they haven't been as bad the critique.

The Parise line hass been paired against the Volchenkov and Phillips, therefore the Elias line has not been mapired against their Big D and they need to figure it out. But as we know Elias has been horrible, sick or not, his decisions are retarded.

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