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The Official UFA Breaking News Thread


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Rangers signed Drury for the postseason, he's only an above average forward in the regular season when not surrounded by a world of talent (as he was last year in Buffalo). Expect no more than 60 points. He damn well better produce in the playoffs for that kind of money.

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How much do you guys think Nylander would command right now? I actually wouldn't mind seeing Lou ink Nylander for a 2-3 year deal. Could be a decent stop gap and having another Czech on his line could spark Elias.

3/14-ish should get it done. I don't want that, but it may come down to that - Nylander's just a worse Gomez.

Nylander is Swedish, not Czech.

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True. My bad. However, Nylander is a worse Gomez who would be a lot cheaper.

true, but not as cheap as i would've liked. and i don't think he cares whether he wins or loses. he's not a devils kind of player, which is why i sense lou not going there.

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Geez, I kept sitting around and nothing would happen. I go to eat dinner and all hell breaks loose. I can't get too angry at Gomez as I didn't want him back. I can't believe the Rangers got both him AND Drury. I feel like every team (minus the Isles and Devils) in the Atlantic has gotten a lot better. The Devils are going to have some real good competition for the division next year.

I am very happy Oduya is back! Johnny rocks!

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