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If Parise were offered 7 years $50M...


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There is no sense in losing Parise. You never know what 4 draft picks could be. Doubtful but they could all be duds. I can see Parise landing 40 goals next year.
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True, and yes I do believe Parise has the ability to score 40 goals...but 4 first rounders can also be used as nice bait to get an even bigger stud. And when was the last time the Devils drafted a bad first round choice with Lou at the helm.

87 - Brendan Shanahan

88 - Corey Foster

89 - Bill Guerin

90 - Martin Brodeur

91 - Scott Niedermayer

92 - Jason Smith

93 - Denis Pederson

94 - Vadim Sharifijanov

95 - Petr Sykora

96 - Lance Ward

97 - Jean-Francois Damphous

98 - Mike Van Ryn

Scott Gomez

99 - Ari Ahonen

00 - David Hale

01 - Adrian Foster

02 - No first round pick

03 - Zach Parise

04 - Travis Zajac

05 - Nicklas Bergfors

06 - Matt Corrente

07 - No first round pick

Out of 20 first round picks that's a nice list of players. A few duds here and there but not as bad as most teams. I think all of them except for Corey Foster, Ahonen (and that's only because of Brodeur) and from 05 on have real NHL experience to speak of (at least 35-40 games). You also have to take into consideration that most of the Devils picks are late first rounders as well. Just look at how many first rounders are drafted in the top 10 by other teams that never see NHL ice...not even from the press box.

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I would say 50/50 which is still not bad but why give up a sure fire thing for a 50% chance of landing a great first rounder? Even then, you have to wait for development when parise is already there

...because it's 50/50 on 4 different players. I agree that Parise is Lou's golden boy but I think you have to go with the picks, especially since a few of them should be pretty high.

For the 7 million you would be spending on Parise you could find an adequate replacement + you could concievably set yourself up for the next 10 years with strong drafting. This reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys trading Herschel Walker to the Vikings for a ton of picks which helped set up their dynasty of the mid 90's

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i think Lowe (or any GM) would have to be insane to write up a $50,000,000 offer sheet for an RFA in the league 2 years with 94 career points...

in fact the vanek deal in and of itself is insane!!!

buffalo really has been reefed this summer...crazy!

vanek's agent must be one happy guy...

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Parise is Lou's gem here and he will go no where IMO. Lou will match any team anyone who even tries to offer Parise an offer sheet.

SatansDevils, I laugh whenever I see these predictions from you. If you're rolling the dice in a craps game, I'm playing the Don't Pass line, buddy. :P

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No, I don't want to see Parise go either. How could any Devil fan?


Parise is going to be the name on my first authentic Jersey (i hope) , as long as Lowe dosnt offer him the world.

He is so good to watch its unbelivable.

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