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Posting Rumors


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While rumors make for fun and lively discussion, their posting on this site can and has gotten out of control.

So we're going to try some new procedures with respect to posting rumors in Hell.

When you have a rumor to post, it gets posted as follows:

Topic Title: RUMOR: Player to Team (or whatever the rumor is)

Topic Description: Should be a quick description of the source of the rumor

Example 1:

Topic Title: RUMOR: Brodeur to Rangers

Topic Description: Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate)

Example 2:

Topic Title: RUMOR: Devils to Move to Kansas City

Topic Description: Strachan

Example 3:

Topic Title: RUMOR: Lou to become NHL Commissioner

Topic Description: TSN

The body of the post must include a link, or a direct source. A direct source is NOT the CAA security guard, is NOT a friend of my sister's nephew, who once met Zach Parise's cousin, and is NOT a link to another forum that has no real source.

If you do not include a valid source, the post will be deleted.

In addition we will take a dim view of posters hawking their own site on njdevs.com. So quoting your own site as a source will likely get you into some trouble here.

And finally, for now, let's keep the same rumors in one thread. For example, "RUMOR: Gionta to Vancouver" should have only one thread.

In the extremely rare case a RUMOR becomes reality, Admins will remove the word "RUMOR", just like I did with "DEVILS SIGN VITALY VISHNEVSKI"

Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation.

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