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Trade: Cullen to Carolina


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How did NYR dump salary and get players/picks in return?

Canes are idiots.... even if they wanted Cullen, they could have gotten him for less.

You can't dump him for nothing. Andrew Hutchinson is minor league depth and so's the other guy - and the pick isn't worth that much. While Cullen sucks, I think he'd fetch that return from a few other teams.

the good thing about Peca is that he can't score goals anymore, and he's not exactly the picture of health. Should be interesting to see who they do pick up.

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How do they stop the power play without Cullen?

Easy they dont.

Cullen also wasnt bad on offense, 16 goals and 25 assist isnt bad. This just puts them in worse position because everyone knows defense wins championships, theyre trying to overpower that. Which isnt possible with teams like Detriot, the Ducks, and maybe even the good old Jersey Devils can come on top.

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This is definately the work of two desperate teams...Carolina is desperate to re-create the magic from 2006 and the Rags are desperate to dump payroll. I think getting Yashin would be farfetched but then again I would have said the same about them getting Drury and Gomer two weeks ago....

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He was a good player i think. My brothers a big rags fan and he is trying to call the bright side of this and i keep saying "who will get the power play" He calls Betts.. Drury, then i said whos next and his answers from there where all questions. Everyone knows their defense and penalty kill to them isnt a plan a, b or c. Its their plan f. And honestly, with Avery being a leader in receiving penalties, youre not going to get as far as you would like.

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I'd say about 80% of Ranger fans would disagree with you...

I'd walk away from Avery (or deal him) rather than move Cullen, however where Sather really went wrong here was Lundquist for 4.25. Ward / Miller were the comparisons - they both make in the 2.5 range. Even if Slats went to 3.5 with Henrik he was certainly giving enough...if Henrik didn't like that he should have taken him to arbitration and let the chips fall.

Sathers Off-Season (before this): A

Sathers Off-Season (now): B

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