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The New Joker


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Just wondering what you guys think of Heather Ledger as the next Joker in the upcoming Batman film.

Two official photos of him, can't really see details in the second one cause it was blurred out, but gives you an idea of the color...



Here is an 'unconfirmed' photo...


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I feel the opposite of Derek . I always feel that he has the Joker mouth. Also super excited about aaron ekhart since 731 just mentioned to me the other day he will be making an appearance.

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So...I am confused...what is this new Batman film?

BTW, the 3rd pic looks more like it is from "The Crow", but does look a little like Heath Ledger. EDIT: After looking up pics from the Crow...I think it does look a lot like Ledger.

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Well, I find him a very subtle actor so it'll be nice to see what he does with it. I dont find him at all attractive and that is certianly HIM. I ssaw him in another candid photo and he looks different... maybe it's the tweezed eyebrows? Weight gain? Mousy hair rather that touched up blonde? Or maybe (probably) just plain aging :noclue:

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Yeah, how the heck would they explain that? He was already the Riddler...can't really jump into a whole different character without a HUGE explanation...


No need... the Tim Burton "movies" have been wiped out from history faster then a Chris Benoit reference in WWEshopzone.com!! :P

and WELL THEY SHOULD BE!!! :clap:

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