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Johnny Oduya: Your opinion


Yea or Nea?  

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  1. 1. Johnny Oduya

    • He blows.
    • He is at BEST a 3rd pairing guy.
    • He is a servicable defenseman
    • He will be solid for years to come.
    • He is going to be an elite defenseman.
    • He is the next Scott Stevens.

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So far he has made lots of mistakes and always turns the puck over. He needs a lot of teaching to be even a top 5th or 6th defenseman. Right now he is not and Lowell material with all the defenseman the Devils have now. Ian Moran will be ahead of Oduya as well. He will have to learn a lot to be back into the starting line up for the Devils. IMO. Oduya will not even be close to what Scott Stevens was.
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Lou would not have signed Oduya to a one way deal if he felt he was a minor league defenseman. Oduya made a lot of rookie mistakes last year towards the end of the season. As he continues to develop his game and improve his stamina to be able to last a full NHL year, he will become a solid 3rd pairing defenseman. Moran will be the one in the AHL just like he was last year before he went to Germany. He will probably be high on the depth chart if the Devils need a defenseman to fill in due to injury though.
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I was watching FSN today and they had on the Devils/Rangers game where Avery knocks down Brodeur. I'm sure they will play it again, anyways my point is if you get a chance to watch that game, keep an eye on Oduya. he played better then Any other Defenseman out there that night except for maybe Paul Martin.

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I wouldnt say hell be the best defenseman but hes definatly good. I see Martin - White beign up there for a few years, but i think Greene will become possibly the next Rafalski for our system. I loved how Greene used his vision and knew what to do as a rookie last season. He wasnt perfect but i definatly loved how he did. Oduya will always be a 2nd-3rd line d-pairing, but hes definatly a great player.

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