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Madden 08 Thread


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Anyone pick it up yet? I'm picking up my copy for the 360 after work today. If anyone got it yesterday, I'd love to hear some reviews and comparisons with 07.

Naah...I'm not a big enough football fan to get the newest Maddens...I'm still playing 2002 on Game Cube :::pause for laughter:::

Thats right...me and Kerry Collins are going to lead the Giants to the Super Bowl this year! :rofl:

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Im not much of a football fan besides casual games ill root for the jets with my brother.

Hes a big football fan so he picked it up. I thought it was a fun games, im not wowed, but i dont know enough about football. Not even knowing much abotu football i was able to dominate the computer on the 2nd hardest level on ym second game.

Idk its fun but not hard at all if thats what youre looking for.

As for me isaved up and im buying both NHL 2k8 and NHL 08 this year

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I'm still playing 06 because 07 was the over-rushed SUCK to have games for the PS-3 at the time

anyone got it yet??

I still can't believe someone blew off hockey yesterday to buy this game :P:rant:

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2 words....Madden Wii :) Picked up 08 last night (had a nifty deal buy madden get any other game only 25 bucks) anywho...It's excellent. The free motion controls in 07 which made the game amazingly fun and deep have been refined. New animations really make it look and feel unique...of course some hater will come say graphics blah blah blah but it's got online play and is extremely fun because you really get into it...plus a party mode with 20 mini games including a telestrator to point out how awesome you are in instant replay :) I sound like an advertisement but I'll put it this way...I'm borrowing a 360 from a friend (for Saints Row cuz I'm addicted) and at my place of business (I work at a movie rental place and get free rentals) we got the game in 3 days before street date and I said screw it cuz I was getting it for the Wii...that's how much 07 impressed me...and I was not let down at all!! Of course there are the glitches and such as with most games but nothing glaring that I have noticed so far and I've been playing it non stop since last night...

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