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Movie Trivia - Thread #10

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What the heck kind of editor is this? I'm so confused!!

Thanks for the bump. I'm posting the answers after work tonight, so last chance to get answers in.

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89. Hero

90. The Goonies

91. Shanghai Noon

92. Against the Ropes

93. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

94. Dodgeball

95. Envy

96. Invincible

97. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

98. Pulp Fiction

JoeKamel: 7 right

lastonealive: 1 right

HSAHM: 6 right

CADevilsFan: 9 right

DevilDan56: 7 right

devils26: 2 right

Final Scores for Round 1:

CADevilsFan: 67.5 movies right

PK: 56 movies right

HSAHM: 49.5 movies right

DevilDan56: 26 movies right

Dadds: 16.5 movies right

JoeKamel: 12 movies right

TK: 12 movies right

Devils26: 12 movies right

UDX: 8 movies right

3Stars: 8 movies right

LastOneAlive: 8 movies right

El Diablo: 6 movies right

MaskedFan 6 movies right

Vinnie: 5.5 movies right

BrodeurGirl30: 5 movie right

DF26: 3 movies right

CADevilsFan is the winner of Round 1. PK had enough of a lead on HalfSharkAlligatorHalfMan that she maintained 2nd place despite disappearing (where did she go? :unsure:).

Side awards: Most persistent - LastOneAlive

Response I most looked forward to receiving each week: HalfShark - some of those brought a tear to my eye....

I've downloaded all of HalifaxDrunk's pictures, so I can do another round whenever.... and now I'm off to Halifax. If I spot HD I'll buy him a beer for y'all - he did a lot of work putting those collages together.

Edited by Don

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