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Van Halen Tour Cancelled


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Um, did anyone else notice that article was written back in FEBRUARY?!

Either the date is wrong or I am totally missing something. Are they canceling another tour?!

Double oops. :doh1: My friend texted me and told me he heard the tour was cancelled, and this is what I found when I went looking for information. I never looked at the date. Maybe it was cancelled, but nothing has hit the news wires yet? :noclue:

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I didn't notice that, especially since the photo was from last week.

Good catch. Live Nation basically has alot of sell-out's listed.

Maybe the date was misprinted. Today is August 21, and it says 2/21- maybe they threw a 2 in where an 8 was supposed to be? :noclue:

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Maybe the date was misprinted. Today is August 21, and it says 2/21- maybe they threw a 2 in where an 8 was supposed to be? :noclue:

That was my first thought, lol.

I don't think the tour was canceled, this is probably just an old read. VH just added a whole bunch of tour dates yesterday. I'll definitely be at the show in MSG, and CAA -- reluctantly :evil:

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I saw them twice back in '84.....for the 1984 tour.

Back then I loved them. I was at some friends house (don't even remember his name anymore) one afternoon and he had a ticket that he couldn't use.......so I grabbed my mother's car, drove to the SPectrum alone, and saw them that night.

And it is quite debatable on the greatest giutarist of all time. It is personal opinion.

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Who didn't see this one coming?

If it hasn't been canceled for real, it will only go a couple before diamond Dave and the gang explode.

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From their website van halen


Fans Across The Country Show Their Excitement for First Van Halen/David Lee Roth Tour in More Than 22 Years

LOS ANGELES, CA -- August 20, 2007

Tickets for the first Van Halen tour in more than 22 years with David Lee Roth as lead vocalist went on sale this weekend and resulted in immediate sell outs in multiple markets around the country, including Charlotte, Detroit (Palace), 2 shows in Toronto, 2 in Chicago and one in Philadelphia. Tour producer Live Nation immediately added additional shows in Philadelphia (Wachovia Center 10/3) and Detroit (Joe Louis Arena 10/20) which will go on sale this Saturday, August 25th.


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LMAO wtf...man. That's just pathetic.

Btw...Trenton a little history lesson for ya:

Jimi Hendrix

Eric Clapton

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Duane Allman

Jimmie Page

Carlos Santana

Rolling Stone All-time Top 100 Guitarists


No offense, but this is more just some old persons opinion on guitarists. I know this is very subjective, but it seems if you die young, your immediately a RnR martyr and hence "the greatest".

On this list only Jimmy Page and Santana would make my list, they were innovative and kept evolving over time.

the other guys, IMO, Clapton, Vaughan, Allman essentially are considered "GREAT" because they took a black man's blues music and introduced it to a new audience with an electric guitar. Not creative, but in the right place at the right time.

I think EVH is ranks with Page and Santana......and Ace Frehley (let the jokes ensue).

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Now unrelated to the topic of guitarists but the radio show I heard the tour was cancelled from was just messing with people to see how far they could get it to spread among hardcore fans so ignore that i heard it on the radio.

They hired a new PR firm for this nonsense???

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