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Van Halen Tour Cancelled


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The article that this thread is talking about was written back in February, which leads me to believe that it's old news.

The current tour, as far as I know, is still on. There are dates for all three Metro-Area venues, as well as Philly. There'll probably be a second date added to MSG as well.

Check out http://www.vanhalen.com for regular updates. It's not the official site, but it's updated more often.

Hope this helps. :)

Thank You PK. :evil: Looking forward to this VH tour.

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LMAO wtf...man. That's just pathetic.

Btw...Trenton a little history lesson for ya:

Jimi Hendrix

Eric Clapton

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Duane Allman

Jimmie Page

Carlos Santana

Rolling Stone All-time Top 100 Guitarists


OK first of all......

I dont need a lesson when it comes to music, cause its what I do.

Second of all, if you read Rolling Stone and actually take them for a creditable source of musical opinions, then you know absolutely nothing about music, because RS is complete garbage, and they just promote whatever band is on the biggest label or is 'the hottest' right now...

They have given each of the last three RHCP albums 5 stars or some ludicrous ranking like that, when anyone who knows anything about music knows that those albums were cookie cutter thrown together GARBAGE, much like what Aerosmith started to put out in their later days.

Now as for your list of guitarists....Jimi Hendrix, SRV, and Jimmy Page are three of the all time greats for sure....

Carlos Sanata....passionate player.....he played the same 3 notes for 80% of his career and every single one of his songs have the same chord progression. Wouldnt crack my top 20.

Duane Allman...love him, great player as well....hes niche guy. Not influential to too many people...maybe would be in my top 50.

Eric Clapton - most overrated player of all time. Hes just simply not that great. Hes good. Nothing that special....great songwriter, good player.....most definitely not god, as some wall in england proclaims.

That said, hed be somewhere around 25 on my list.

Eddie Van Halen is #1 for this reason...He changed the face of guitar more than anyone EVER except for maybe Jimi. Every single guitarist in hard rock, metal, or even pop rock type bands that have come out since 1985 or so have listed EVH as their biggest inspiration...the guys from Slayer, Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, both list Eddie as their biggest inspiration for their playing.....And he was their CONTEMPORARY.....when the biggest metal band in the world, and two of the most famous metal guitarists ever list the same guy, who played in the same era as them, as their biggest inspiration....you gotta recognize that. It goes on and on though like even bands I hate like falloutboy and all these new bands like that, all those kids list Eddie high on their list. He pioneered so much for the guitar, not necessarily inventing it all himself, but he put some techniques into the limelight that were never really seen there before....and he made it all MUSICAL, which is the key here....He wasnt just some guy that went out and ripped through scales as fast as he could, (which is pretty much what his countless imitators sound like), but he used these highly technical moves to make licks that sounded perfect. not forced, not over the top (usually), but tasteful....check the 'Jump' solo....or better yet the Michael Jackson 'Beat it' solo....its ridiculous.

Not that I am putting down any of the guys you listed, they are all great musicians, but this 'best guitarist' debate gets all crazy sometimes putting guys on top who would just get smoked by dozens of other guitarists.....One guy that never makes the list John McLaughlin....maybe the best of the 60s and 70s....nobody ever talks about him in these debates.....or Al DiMeola, or Alan Holdsworth......those three dudes are better than everyone on your list except Jimi whose on his own planet...

Then theres Zappa......

Ok IM done this was long and if you read this far, you get a cookie.

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