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Trouble Ticket :P


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OK, so I have some issues with posting uhh the stuff I post in After Hours.

Then: I could post 20 pics in each post but if I posted within three minutes and merged the posts I could post 20 in each post merge.

Now: 20 is still the limit but it now counts the combined pics from the original and from the merged post AND it adds it from the end of the previous one instead of starting on the next line. See pic for example:


See, these two were merged and the Anna Faris pics should have started on the next line and not on the same line as the Michelle Ryan pics.

Now my question is, obviously, if there is a way to "fix" this and if there is a chance the pic count per post can be upped to something like 50?

Obviously not a priority as you guys are tweaking other things first but just getting it out there for later attention!


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Thanks DM but it doesn't seem to have changed anything. Maybe the cleanup you talk about is needed.

The setting you changed to 100, which one is that? Is that for number of pics per post?

Used to be that under three mins that the posts would merge, that wasn't really a problem. It's that now when they merge the forum counts the pics in both posts in total instead of individually and doesn't allow the merge to happen. Also when it does merge it continues the post from the end of the original post and not on a new line, that's the issue that RD mentioned.

I hope I'm making sense! :evil:

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DM, we must've been working on it at the same time because I bumped the image limit to 100 a little bit after midnight too!

The reason older posts got broken was actually my fault. I had run the cleanup tool last week because I was trying to fix an issue with older posts where the SNAPBACK tag wasn't working (that's the little arrow in quoted posts that takes you back to the original), and I guess in the process it enforced the image limit on merged posts, not caring that they had been merged in the past. I always thought that was a loophole anyway (being able to circumvent the image limit by taking advantage of the concurrent post protection), so it may be by design that you can't do that anymore. The cleanup tool will likely fix that; what it does is basically rebuild every post in the database.

The lack of any sort of spacing between posts merged by the concurrent post protection may be by design too, though I can't see why. I'll have to look into that one. You're right, it is annoying. There's no setting for it other than the number of minutes between posts where it'll consider it the same post.

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If they've permanently closed the loophole then the 100 pics/post limit will help since I rarely go that high anyway.

The spacing between merged posts seems a little odd. It makes no sense at all except for a case where someone was typing and hit the Add Reply button by mistake and then continues with their post by hitting New Reply or Fast Reply instead of just editing their post which seems unlikely to happen.

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