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Let the mayhem begin.

LSU just lost so it looks like Ohio St. is the new number 1.

LOTCB, did you see the end of the game?

The Luckeyes hopefully will be #2....Cal if they win can go to #1 too...they are #2 right now...I listened to that game on the way home on XM..the Kentucky announcers were classic!! Congrats to UK!!

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Yet ANOTHER #2 goes down, as Florida St goes to BC and wins 27-17.....

LS wins wild game in Saban Bowl 41-34....will probably be OSU/LSU for the National Title...

#4 Oregon knocks off #6 Arizona State 35-23...but superstar QB Dixon is hurt...

#8 Kansas DESTROYS Nebraska 76-39...Callahan better just start packing now...

Sorry RU fans...Rutgers looks more and more like a paper tiger

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Just wanted to bump this thread because the whole BCS is going crazy. LSU loses again to drop out of the #1 spot for a second time, after getting a second chance because of Ohio State's loss a few weeks ago.

Kansas and Missouri play tonight at 8 on ABC as Kansas tries to stay undefeated.

West Virginia is beating UConn 24 to 14 at Halftime as WV tries to guarantee themselves a shot at the national title.

For a complete schedule, go here: http://scores.espn.go.com/ncf/scoreboard

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