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NFL Week ONE!!

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The Offensive Pass Interference call against Heap should go down as one of the Top 5 worst calls in the last 20 years in the NFL....BRUTAL

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Meant, NFL Seer. You boldly predicted great things for th 49ers and they are off to a good start.

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Sorry Trenton, but week 5 is going too be a painful learning experience for the Niners.

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Niners should be about 3-2 coming out of this stretch realistically.. could be 2-3 though also

Week in Review is being written as they try to fix my DSL! :boogie:

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Week one is in the books for the NFL.... and one thing I learned pretty quick this week is the NFL HAS to do SOMETHING about how the pre-season is played in this league... so MANY teams and players looked NOT ready to play 60 minutes, and it all comes back to how super-protected teams are with their starters in the pre-season (now I understand it... this is a brutal sport and millions of dollars put into a player NO ONE wants to see guys hurt in practice games, but these guys need to get into GAME SHAPE too.... and maybe the solution is to cut the pre-season games to 2, so they mean a little but more and you can guys into a 60 minute mode? Anyway... this is a fun time of year.. time to ENJOY it!!!

Thursday Night:

Saints at Colts:

Most people are putting the blame for this game on Jason David who did get LIT UP by the Colts receivers (but who doesn't?).... the main reason the Saints got their asses kicked left right and sideways in this game was the fact that their offensive line couldn't come CLOSE to stopping the Colts rushers... and every play Brees (who was awfully... thankfully for me playing him twice in fantasy football!).. or Bush or McAllister had a DLine-man in their face at the start of each play... ain't gonna win sh!t that way people... good job by the Colts coming out of the game and laying the smackdown on a team and a game most people expected the Colts to be a bit complacent in and lose.... and they come out and DOMINATE what I thought was the best the NFC had! No need to worry yet about the Saints... unless it happens again!!


Denver at Buffalo:

Now this was the 1pm game I focused the most on...well it was in front of me after all... and I had vested interest in seeing how both of these teams looked today, more so with the 2 starting running backs in this game... and I have to say Marshawn Lynch IS the real deal... he was very strong in this game... near 100 yards... first NFL TD... but Travis Henry was BETTER for the Broncos (more on this in a minute)... but man did JP Losman STINK Sunday! 14/21.... NINETY SEVEN YARDS !?!? I know Denver has the elite secondary...holy hell... Lee Evans was TOTALLY wiped out of this game (5 yards receiving).... as for the Broncos... boy they still damn near gave this one away.. Jason Elam missed TWO field goals (rare)... and then you have the reaons why I DESPISE Mike Shanahan.... Travis Henry busts down 30 yards on a screen pass and gets stopped on the 3... first and goal... you have a back having a MONSTER game (he was at 100 yards at this point)....a good line and a young QB (and yes I know you have a hard-on for him... and you can see why with some of the ROPES he throws... and then the next play he reminds you he's only played 6 NFL games)... but you HAVE TO RUN THE BALL AT LEAST ONCE YOU ARROGANT WEASEL... 3 incompletes and it's field goal time when you have a chance to PUT THIS TEAM AWAY.... it's what I can't stand about that Weasel Coach (who looked VERY much so like the Ronald Regan "Spitting Image" puppet from the Land of Confusion... and that weasel is going to cost the Broncos yet again this year!! This may be the year that I start my Fire Shanahan rants!! I suppose I should say all the cliche thing about the TE who got mashed on that kickoff....but we all know this stuff anyway... it sucks when people like this get hurt like this... but it is a part of what makes us all love this game, and I do hope he can walk away from this one (I only wish fatal injuries on Vinny Testaverde!)

Pittsburgh at Cleveland:

The more things change the more they stay the same yes? And yeah ... Charlie Frye.. your NFL career is now over in one mass ass kicking by the Steelers... Derek Anderson was at least serviceable...but like I said before... 0-6 in the division for the Browns :P.... and it's just 15 more losses away from Brady Quinn being Hershel Walker Version 2.0 for the Cowboys!!! As for the Steelers.. what can ya say? Ben looked good.. he spread the ball... the running game was effective... and well they beat the piss out of the Browns... nothing much to see here!! (Update: Charlie Frye was traded to Seattle during the time it took to do this little writeup)

Phily at Green Bay:

People are sitting here wondering what the hell happened to the Eagles? Well the offense was okay and not spectacular... the defense played ok, the Packers are still overrated... but holy hell... do they get the most amazing breaks in the schedule (look who they play next week.... the Eli-Less Giants)... and not to overstate but if the Eagles don't muff two punts they probably roll in this damn game... so I'm not too worried about the Eagles (though it was nice to see all the green jerseys file out at once this week!!) and the jury is still wayyyy out on the Packers, but the schedule gift makes them contenders in the division that sucks the cock like no other !!

Kansas City at Houston:

Why does seem Herm fail make me smile? I wish I could explain it... and I wish I could have watched it (damn you US Open for making the league schedule NINE 1pm games).. but the Chiefs offense was AWFUL as advertised... Larry Johnson all of 10 carries... 4 turnovers... and even to dig at Reggie Bush fans, DE Mario Williams had a TD and MORE YARDAGE on the fumble recovery then Reggie Bush did last week.... good win for the Texans who despite the O-Line issues... they look like they are on te right path and Schaub may be as advertised... not like they needed HIM in Atlanta!

Titans at Jaguars:

Alarming game for the Jags, as the Titans did to them what they usually do to OTHER teams... they ran the sh!t out of them, the quarterback change in Jacksonville did little to spurt that offense and this was a VERY bad loss for the Jaguars (maybe the most troubling loss of teams expected to win this week).... and also on the other side, despite being a typically ugly week one football game.. this is what the Titans do, claw, scrap and fight their way into most of these games... and again Vince Young FINDS A WAY TO BRING HIS TEAM TO VICTORY... that kind of effort can not be understated in this league!! Damned tennis... or I've gotten to see this one!!!

Atlanta at Minnesota:

Well this was as much an ass kicking as people expected... as my suicide pool pick of the week... it showed the faith I had in Joey Harrington and those putrid Falcons! And this game was never really close... the Vikings put up 14 points on defense and I don't think the Falcons and Chiefs COMBINED can put up that kinda firepower... and the Vikings took advantage of the one week all year they will have a superior quarterback and Adrian Peterson ran apesh!t all over the place in this one... gonna be a long long long year in Fraud-ville for the Falcons, who I hear a new poll said that 20% more people believe Michael Vick should not serve time after seeing Joey Harrington play live football!!

Patriots at NY Jets:

Not as lopsided a game as it seemed (not that I watched alot of it... if I wanna watch crappy NY Teams stink, I'd not go out to the bars :P.. but this was one of those "message" games you sometimes see in week 1... where the established owner of the division lays the smackdown on the #1 contender... I'm not going to make a big deal about the signal stealing incident until I hear more about it... not like Tom Brady needed to know the defensive play going on... he had TWO DAYS back there to read the damn defense! The Jet running game wasn't there (trading Kendall is gonna bite them HARD and cold in the ass all year long cause they have a GAPING hole in the O-Line)...and the Patriots appear to be as advertised this year

Carolina at St. Louis:

This game was a pretty even match early on, with the Rams controlling the ball and using their weapons... but then Orlando Pace went down... and it all fell apart for them... the passing game dried up (40+ pass attempts and only 167 yards to show for it... yikes!!) Even the mighty Steven Jackson fumbled TWICE (his TOTAL of last year!)... on the other hand, the Panthers got their running game going to the tune of about 200 yards and look like they will be the "odd year" Panthers which tend to be a pretty good pain in the ass team that is tough to contend with (and if the Saints keep playing like ass, the Panthers will win this awful division!)... I think St.Louis is in a bit of trouble now too with the key to their offensive line on the shelf all year.....

Miami at Washington:

Oh man what TORTURE was it to get FIVE periods on this football-crap... we have and love wrestlecrap... but somehow the football version is not as catchy or fun to watch... two teams that ain't found their way yet struggling to another average at best season, but this was a game either team had to think and had a right to believe this was a winnable game ... and it did have some highlights.... Trent Green tossing a 4th and 2 TD pass as the first half expired... and that RIDICULOUS "Magic Bullet" Hail Mary pass that fell into Randall-El's lap (and when did someone give him the memo that it was allowed to catch more then 2 passes a game ?!?!?).. Jason Campbell was ok, but with room to improve (here's a hint... throw to 89 more!) and wasn't awful against a good Miami defense that hasn't been beat down by the losing yet... and I guess the Redskins played slightly better and deserved to win this one.....

Lions at Raiders:

Ah, the joys of two BAD football teams fighting it out for my amusement... before people get all hard and gushy over the Lions though... keep in mind they blew a 17 point lead to a team that usually took TWO weeks to put 20 points on the board (and that was usually the result of a defensive TD)... though the Lions offense looked to be as advertised.. lots of passing and use of all 4 talented receivers... John Kitna made his plays... and had his "what the FAROOQ" passes as well, he's going to be what he is.. and that's a below average passer with extraordinary talent around him.... and I feel the same about the Raiders... both of these teams are gonna be just good enough to lose a lot of games this year, this Lions/Vikings game will tell us a lot about Detroit and how they fare with a real defense chomping at them!

Bears at Chargers:

I gotta give the bears credit here... they played the unstoppable offense VERY well (and scary fantasy fans that Tomlinson can have an awful game.. 25 yards rushing, 71 receiving... run and throw for touchdowns... and still end up with a 25 point day... any doubt why he is the best back in the sport?)... LT got stuffed... the Chargers didn't even run for a 100 yards today, they held Phillip Rivers to under 200 yards and no TDs also, but still in the end the Bears still showed they got no offense... fumbles from both Benson (who was already benched in week one :P), and the OTHER Adrian Peterson... neither who was very effective...scary statement for the NFC if this is perceived as the best team in the conference....

NY Giants at Dallas:

Another game where NEITHER defense really showed up... made for a fun back and forth battle to watch though (despite my screaming fits that NO ONE with a Star on their helmet could stop #17).. these teams traded shots until I thought the Giants tried to run the ball too much in the second half of the game.. and each time it looked like Dallas was going to run away with this one... fumble before the half.... 3rd quarter interception... Dallas couldn't put the game away here until the 4th quarter... and Giants kept dropping in this game... first Jacobs then Numinoria... and eventually Eli Manning (in that cruel sense of irony... he finally looks like a Manning and gets hurt for it).. but eventually the better and deeper team did run away with this game as the Cowboys (FINALLY) used all their weapons to tha max, with Owens, Witten, Barber, even Sam Hurd found the End Zone... Both defenses are a bit of a concern leaving this game... but I get the feeling the Cowboys will show improvement, there's still a good amount of talent on that defense, just doesn't match up well with the Giants


Ravens at Bengals:

10 penalties... 6 turnovers... injuries to the defense... but still a fun bloody VIOLENT football game that was cool to watch but had that standard week 1 sloppiness... added in with the divisional HATRED of these two teams like so.... I'm still laughing at Chad Johnson's Self-Induction to the Hall of Fame after his TD Catch (that was truly awesome I might add!)... but even despite the best A plus effort by the Ravens to throw this game away, but still they had a chance in this one....a pretty bad 4th quarter pass interference call on Todd Heap (matched by a pretty bad make-up call right after).. and then HEAP DROPS THE WINNING PASS IN HIS LAP... and all I could do is laugh at Mike who lost his fantasy football game on it... from of all people... KYLE BOLLER... another game that would have been better if teams played harder in the pre-season....

Arizona at 49ers:

Coming into this game I was pumped up to see two pretty good solid offenses light it up all game long... boy was I wrong! Neither team could do ANYTHING in the passing game... in fact it was a decent defensive effort by both teams... Edgarrin James looks to be back and had his best game as a Cardinal to date, as they relied on him to carry the mail in this game, with Leinart being AWFUL in the first quarter, and why shouldn't the week end with the same theme of most of the other games... two teams that did not look ready to play yet... but hey, gotta have those 4 pre-season games right?? Next week the games will be better!!

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