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Good first period by the Devs, the PP is looking good.

Bergfors looks like a regular and so does Clarkson quite frankly. Those two are going to make it, no doubt.

Palmieri is also really impressing me..for an 18-year old kid, he's played great. Probably why he's still around.

Pelley is solid and you can definitely see that he's Madden's heir apparent. Just defensively solid.

Marty Brodeur is...well, he's Marty. :)

The bad:

Mike Rupp. Watching this guy play hockey in slowmotion is really frustrating. For a guy his size he should be a monster out there...but he isn't. He avoids the checking and doesn't bring much.

Greene's and Rachunek's defensive play. I'll give them some slack, it's only one period..but they didn't look very solid.

Oduya. I love my Swede and I know he'll be there when the season starts, but I'm sorry and sad to say that he just isn't good enough right now. The way he played at the beginning of last year before he got hurt was amazing to watch...but now..wtf Johnny??!

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Just got in, great for Nick for getting the goal.

He needed a confidance boost after last season and a few goals in pre season and a strong showing will do him so much good.

Im also impressed to hear that Palmieri is still with the team and really making an impression, long may that continue.

Just out of interest how is Corrente getting on , NHL.com has him as dressed, how is he looking.

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You got that right Triumph.

I really wish the Ranger-Islander game was on tv. Hopefully someone got a video of it. Apparently it was really physical throughout and I really need to see that goalie fight.

it should be on nhl.tv. The Islanders are airing all of their preseason games online. If it's already over check islanders.nhl.tv later there will probably be video of the game. The Islanders got their online tv channel up last year so it works pretty well.

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Rupp fought number 19 on the Flyers according to that NHL Game-Center thing they got.. number 19, hmm.. isn't that Richards..? Or am I thinking of Tampa's Richards..?

edit: and did rupp win the fight?

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