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GDT: Devils vs. Islanders, 9/26

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According to this thread - Gionta got a hattrick (3), Madden had 2 goals, and Zajac with 1..

edit: oh if you meant who scored the 5th goal; i believe it was Gionta, his 3rd of the night

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according to yahoo sports

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Wow, the D really getting involved in the offense. Every assisted Devils goal had a Dman involved.

That's exactly what I was thinking. It's great to see the D-man getting involved in the scoring, especailly Rachuneck and VV since they are new additions. Hopefully that will translate into more GF in the regular season.

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im soooooooo ready for opening night!!! just thinking about what i hope the forward lines would be like





hope so!!! after seeing how bergfors played against the flyers, i really like this kid

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Wow 6-1 thats what i like to see.

Zach is going to get annoyed if they spend the entire season calling him jordan. Especially after the season he had where he established himself on the team.

The Defence getting involved is always a good thing, i hope it will last through the season , but to be honnest im not to optomistic it will.

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I'm watching the video of the game right now on IslandersTV. The Devils absolutely put on a clinic. The game was even more of a blowout than the 6-1 score might lead you to believe. The first 3 goals in the first period were really pretty. You also can notice that the Devils are really making a solid effort to finish their checks and play the body. Brylin was centering and did pretty well on faceoffs during the game, and Asham made a real nice set up for Madden's goal. Zubrus is really using his power and size when skating in the attacking zone.

If this is any indication, it's gonna be a fun year!

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Just finished watching the game and here are my thoughts from the game. Sort of a recap of some of the most interesting players.

-Gionta scored 35 seconds in with a goal ala Gionta, slapper from the right wing. The second one was a deflection on a great shot by Rachunek on the PP. The third also came on the PP in the third with another great deflection in front. This time on a nice wrister by Andy Greene. Gio looked sharp and had a lot of energy. I think he'll have a great year this year.

-Arron Asham made a beautiful pass to Madden on the 2:nd goal, Madden just tapped it in. He looked very good on the line with Madden in this game and they had a lot of chemistry. Asham had some big hits in the game and was sticking up for his teammates all night. He tried to challenge guys several times into fighting but the Isles didn't want to. At the end of the 2:nd though he challenged the much bigger Jackman and they went at it. The fight was over in a second with most of the punches landing while both players were down on the ice. Draw.

-Rachunek was looking great with his skating and accuracy shooting. I just thought that he was one of our best players in this game. Every single shot of his in this game was just perfect. His shot is just a rocket. Rachunek with Greene on the PP looked outstanding. They really excelled in this game. I was also very impressed with Rachunek's defensive game in this one, he broke up several Isles passes.

-Parise was forechecking hard in this one and was the main guy in creating that 3:rd goal. He hit their defensman and they turned the puck over. He then quickly passed the puck to Zajac in the high slot and he fired a nice wrister past Dubielewicz. Parise and Zajac displayed their chemistry several times, but especially with a nice give-and-go in the 2:nd period when Parise had a nice deflection saved by Dubie.

-Bergfors played another strong game I thought. Was involved a lot in the play. He was forechecking hard and also stole the puck behind the net once and created a chance on his own, but the shot was stopped. Had a big hit moments after that. He deliverad several sharp passes in this game too. Looked good on the PP. Tried his patent shot from the LW boards like he did vs the Flyers, but was stopped in this game. Sutter called him over to the bench once and gave him thumbs up and a pat on the shoulder before a faceoff , which was great to see. I definitely think that Bergfors is ready for the NHL.

-Pelley was very aggressive on the forecheck and was forechecking behind the net on a PK. Showed some skill too and a has a good shot. Had a bone-crunching hit on Meyer in the third period. He's going to be a great defensive forward in this league, no doubt. He was helping the D all night and made several strong defensive plays. He's definitely NHL ready.

-Corrente took exception to Jackman's bump on Brodeur and went after him. Jackman is a much bigger man, but Corrente held his own before Jackman wrestled him to the ice. Great to see the kid protecting Marty. But Corrente sometimes gets too emotional and tries to go after guys when he shouldn't. It gets him out of position and he can get caught. But he's a work in progress.

-Andy Greene was just phenomenal in this game. This guy looks like a 10-year veteran. He was outstanding in his own zone, but he was even better in the offensive. Accurate shots, both wristers and slapshots. He has a hard shot, and him together with Rachunek on the PP was probably the most enjoyable thing in this game. Just great chemistry between the two on the PP.

-Clarkson played another physical game, but was invisible in the offensive play. It's clearly evident that he doesn't have any chemistry with Zajac and Parise, and he screws up many plays for them. It's not easy, because he's relatively new and I'm sure they could make it work..but he just isn't there yet. Brylin lookes A LOT better on that line than Clarkson. His physical play is great though. Bootland tried to line him up, but Clarkson got him instead with a big hit. They dropped the gloves, Bootland knocked Clarkson's helmet off but after that Clarkson took over with several uppercuts, although none were severe. Even fight, slight edge to Clarkson. He later tried to fight Dwyer, but Dwyer refused. Dwyer then hit Parise hard and Clarkson responded with a crunching hit on Berard.

-Vishnevski had some big hits and he is a very good skater too. He played a solid game.

-Dwyer finally decides to drop the gloves and gets pounded by Rupp. They hold onto eachother for a couple of seconds before Rupp knocks Dwyer to the ice with three quick punches to the head. Clear win Rupp.

-Madden played with a lot of jump in his legs in this one. Maybe he's feeling the heat from the younger guys now? It was great to see him in old great form again. Scored two beautiful goals.

-Zajac scored a nice goal. Played a very strong two-way game and was used on the PK a lot. Looks a lot stronger to me this year and is looking for more contact. That's I wanna see from him. With his size and skill he could become a powerhouse up front.

-Sutter was very vocal all night and was patting the guys on the back at the end of the game.

-Marty displayed some of his sick stickhandling. Didn't have much to do in this game, but was solid when tested. So was Doyle.

That was my recap from this game. :) It was great to watch the Devils in this one. Very impressive.

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