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GDT: Devils @ Ottawa


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Sorry Tri,

But Could Elias come up big ONCE in a while. 2006 was a long time ago, and since then hasn't exactly done much. The guy just can't hit the net, won't shoot, couldn't make the easy play there tonight at the blueline and try to chip it back in. He has to shift to his forehand in a foot of space against Alfie. I mean come on Patrik, I've given him so much leeway with trying to overcome his efforts (because he has been trying so hard, you can tell), but does he just not have it anymore?

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I thought that Parise, Zajac, Asham, and Gionta had a great game. Zubrus had his moments were he looked good. Clarkson and Elias didn't have their best games. All the other forwards were just ok, nothing to rag on or to talk about.

The defense was horrible today. Rachunek did not keep the puck in the offensive zone and was a liability on at least the first two Ottawa goals. Martin seemed non-existant for the most part. Greene had a bad game but I wouldn't worry about him, everyone has a bad game now and then. Mottau, Vishnevski, and Oduya didn't stand out but didn't seem to make any glaring errors.

I am still not worried about this team. The line change ups seemed to help Zubrus and Elias to an extent. Its only a matter of time until the team adjust to the new style of play and new lines.

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I feel like if they hadn't pulled Brodeur so early/at all they'd have had a better chance. With the extra attacker they were sprawling, frantic and screwy. Without, they were calculated, had Greene and Martin backing them up and Parise doing the brunt work. Really wish we could have pulled it out there, but I have a feeling we'd have lost in overtime. Oh well.

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senators continue to block every shot we take, whether it is with their body after the shot gets through the first guy, or its the stick block of the guy covering the man taking the shot. nothing got through, no rebounds were generated, poor display by the devils.

Some credit must be given for staying in the game keeping it close despite playing a team that is clearly in another league than us. We looked like an AHL team, they looked like they made it to the stanley cup finals last year, and didnt even have to play that hard. Sens were playing a scrimmage, we were trying not to sink all game.

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- Oduya looks very good on D, much smarter with the puck and Im getting more comfortable with him on D..

- Asham continues to be very helpful

- Zubrus did alright, he still needs to shoot the puck more

- Gionta continues to be great

- Parise is awesome, again

- Rachunek/Greene/Martin looked alot better offensively today


- Marty didn't look all to comfortable, made some spectacular saves but gave up some weak goals

- Pandolfo took a lazy penalty that costed us the game

- Elias looks terrible.. Ill give him the rest of the month, if things are still not going right, i think its time to make some call with other GMs if I was Lou.. What really pissed me the fvck off was his WIDE fvcking open opportunity to shoot and he drags it around the goal and does nothing.. I have to admit I wish those trade rumors of Elias over the off-season were true.

- Still some bad turnovers

Thats it really.. what bothered the sh!t outa me was that NJ dominated Ottawa the first 3-4 minutes and then the first little opportunity Ottaw gets, they score.. I dont think I can quite blame Marty for it, but blame the defense for not clearing it out once it was blocked, but the shot by Kelly looked lucky.. Great offense NJ had in the 3rd but not getting to rebounds and taking stupid penalties hurt us again, even if it was only 3 penalties or whatever.. Good battle but Im disappointed with Elias and Marty.

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The 1st period was awful, but the 2nd and 3rd were much better, the Devils managed to slow the game down and there was a couple of minutes in the 3rd when the Sens couldn't even get the puck out of their zone.

We still played without Jamie, Whitey and Matvichuk, so I think, all in all, it was a pretty decent game for Jersey. We leave Ottawa without points, but the battle between the Devils and the top team in the NHL wasn't one-sided and at least I have hope - things will click when the injured players come back and the road trip is over.

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