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Assorted Devils and other hockey stuff for sale

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I'm selling a bunch of Devils and hockey merchandise that I've collected over the years and no longer have room for. I'll be posting items in this thread little by little. Shipping prices are for within the US, but I will ship internationally. Some item prices are negotiable. PM me if you're interested in anything. I accept paypal or check or money order.

Assorted Devils newspaper clippings - Mostly from the Star-Ledger, daily stories and features from about 1996-2002. Includes some coverage of World Cup '96 and '98 men's hockey Winter Olympics, and 2001 Stanley Cup Finals. Excludes coverage of 2000 playoffs. - Free, but unfortunately all of these clippings weigh a lot, and a many are mounted on paper, so shipping could get expensive (about $10-15 in NJ. There's 5 thick binders plus a bunch of loose clippings). PM me and we can work out a shipping price or arrange for you to pick them up if you live in northern NJ.

Assorted hockey cards from the 1990s. Over 2,000, in very good condition, kept in sheets in binders. Includes cards from all NHL teams (except the four most recent expansion teams). I'm throwing in about 50 Devils cards from the early-90s in this batch, but the rest are non-Devils cards. Price also includes three used protective binders and a few hundred used 9-pocket sheets. $20 plus shipping, about $10 in NJ (or you can pick up). PM me for an out-of-state shipping price.

New Jersey Devils 1999-00 Champions CD - Used, case is in great shape and CD plays just fine. $5 plus $2 shipping.

Will post more when I take some pictures. Thanks.

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