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New PA Announcer

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LAKEWOOD, N.J. - The Lakewood BlueClaws, class- A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, have announced that FirstEnergy Park public address announcer Kevin Clark has been hired by the NHL's New Jersey Devils.

He will make his debut on Saturday night when the Devils take on the Ottawa Senators to open their new building, the Prudential Center, in Newark, NJ.

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Bring back Bob Arsena!

Lol, never heard this guy before, but I didn't like the guy we had last year(he used to PA for the Rags), so I don't mind the change......unless Satans Hockey is right and he does suck, lol. Guess I'll see Saturday

I've been to a few Lakewood games, I just don't care for him. I would like Bob Arsena back as well.

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Arsena's name was too close to Arena and the team feared it was getting confusing for people between the building and the announcer.

I heard he was asked to change his name to Center but he refused. Centre was offered too but he refused that as well.

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Bob Arsena was the man.

Indeed he was.

I think it was the NHL that let him go, not the Devils. I remember reading something of the sort a while back. I'm still bitter about it to this day. He made a Devils game a Devils game. Miss ya, Bob. :saddevil:

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Did Kevin Clark have the night off on Wednesday?

I'm beginning to think he was a fill-in for a little bit. The guy who did last year for the Devils in in CAA has done the last few games at The Rock, I'm pretty sure he'll be back for the remainder of the year.

Kevin Clark stuttered a lot and I think Lou got sick of it :lol:

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