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so the team pooped the bed against pit!


I dig Sutter (TOUGH as nails...PASSION!)

I would like to see elias/zubrus/gionta back together...

I think they pulled the plug on that line combo too quickly...just let them play, those 3 are talented and should find success...

yes elias needs talent around him to excel. gionta and zubrus are talented...

zubrus has great puck protection and control down low and around the net. gionta is a sniper. those three need to play...just keep throwing them out there. when it clicks the goals should come in spades.

zubrus plays with heart. this guy is gonna snap out and produce.

adversity is not bad, there is no reason to panic, lets see how this team develops and responds.

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we really need one big thread about this cause having about 10 threads with basically the same opinions is getting out of hand

i've read thru so many posts on this board.

people just railing elias, bitching about sutter, whining about lou...

i was actually posting in a thread complaining about elias and more...as i hit the post button the thread got locked...lol!

basically all i'm trying to say is people relax! when i was a kid and i started watching the devils and going to brendan byrne arena in 1984 the devils were really bad! but they were my team! the victories were few and far between but it was great when they were able to win or beat the rangers, etc.

in '88 when maclean beat pang that was like winning the cup!

this current team is not that bad...with all the playoffs and 3 cups in the past 13 years many posters here probably don't even know what it's like to follow a team that really is hopeless.

people really need to relax and the next time a player drops his stick or gets caught up ice we don't need a zillion so and so must go or sucks threads.

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