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Penguins and Sabres To Sport Retro Look Outdoors


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I like both the jerseys used.

Now if we can get the christmas tree.

Actually CCM just started selling the vintage red and white Caps jerseys. I have no idea if this will actually happen, but I'm hoping that this is the first they are releasing in a new line of vintage jerseys that could potentially include our Christmas tree jerseys. Obviously if that happens it wouldn't mean that they are going to wear them, but it would be much easier to buy one.

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This is such a sweet idea, there should be a retro month where all of the teams where their retro jersey's if they have any.

I could use a game.... maybe a week. But a month? :unsure:

If this becomes a "tradition" where one game a year is done this way, how many seasons need to go by before the Devils are asked to participate?

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