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Is the Monotone Man of Mystery Actually Human?

It is early in the morning, and Robert Ingraham has to leave for jury duty. He's calling -- gasp! -- because he has something else to say about Belichick. It's days before the Patriots will beat the Colts in the biggest game of the year, and every week, Ingraham's 12-year-old son, Tucker, e-mails Belichick to critique his game and quickly chat about life.

"A little after 6 a.m.," Ingraham says, "during this busiest and most challenging week, he has time to sit down and write a lengthy e-mail to my kid, thanking him for his suggestions and checking in on his schoolwork.

"Not to beat a dead horse ... but this is a side to him people don't know about and should know about, in my view."

If that's the case, why doesn't Mount Rushmore ever crack? Is it because the more he reveals, the more human he becomes? Will his opponents find some weakness and exploit it? Is revealing yourself, ultimately, a sign of being weak?

There is a pizza parlor/comedy club in Boston where Lenny Clarke occasionally does shows and his brother/manager apparently keeps an office. I go there twice, call a few times. Nothing but crickets chirping.

Clarke, apparently, really got his friend to open up last year. Belichick did a cameo appearance on the TV show "Rescue Me," playing a random mourner in a funeral scene. Belichick, in a rare moment, made a crack to reporters about wearing makeup.

"Hardest job in football," he said. "Trying to make me look good."

No one disagreed.

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