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NHL's Great Goals DVD

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I used to have a VHS of great NHL goals probably a dozen years ago now. I watched it a ton and absolutely loved it, but for the life of me can't remember what it was called. I'm wondering if this is the same thing on DVD. Does anybody have this? Can you tell me what goals are on here?

Some different ones that I remember from the VHS:

A couple of Savard spin-o-ramas

Roenick spin-o-ramaing right after a Savard clip

Doug Weight with the Rangers on a break

Phil Housley walking right up the middle for a goal

Joel Otto knocking one out of midair between Roy's legs

Bure walking up the goal line an popping out in front at the speed of light

Any of these ring a bell? I'd love to find this on DVD or I'd even take the old one on a VHS if somebody can tell me what video this is.

Thanks. :D

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